DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder

Hey everyone!

Today I’m bringing you a little DIY project I did years ago for our flat, but did it again for oour new house this February since the colours didn’t match with our new bedroom ;)

What you’ll need:

  • an old (rather large if you’re like me and and have a ton of earrings) frame or framed mirror (bought mine on a flea market)
  • spray paint
  • cute fabric (I got mine from this Dawanda shop)
  • liner
  • cork (you can buy cork tiles for example)
  • double-sided tape or glue that holds cork
  • a stapler machine and staples
  • nails and hammer
  • pins
  • all your lovely earrings

And you’re ready to go!

First, you need to take your frame and inner piece apart. If you’re working with a mirror, I’d suggest getting rid of the mirror and just using the wooden part for safety reasons… My starting point looked like this, since I had done the whole project to my mirror frame before:

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder by Nachtschwinge

Originally this used to be a golden framed mirror, its paint looked pretty aweful though and several parts had come off… Also, I didn’t like gold back then and so I had decided on black and white …now I’m all back to gold *lol* Tastes change, I guess…

Anyway, so you take it apart and start by cleaning the frame. Next you cover the floor with old papers to protect it and spray paint the frame (you can also do it outside, of course, but I did it in winter, so that wasn’t really an option ;) ).

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder by Nachtschwinge

While waiting for it to dry and then spraying it a second time, you can already work on the inner part of the frame!

Use it as a template and mark the outlines on the liner, then cut it a little smaller (like 1 inch to the inside)… Cut two or three liner parts, depends on how “fluffy” you want it.

Again, use the inner part as a template and cut the patterned fabric fairly wider, about 3 inches on each side, so you’ll be able to wrap it around the wood.

And now go on and assemble it: Fill the inner part with cork tiles, leaving a little margin, and glue it down either with double-sided tape or glue. Place the liner on the inner part of the frame and the fabric on top (keep an eye on the pattern, so it’s not skewed). Hold it firmly and turn it around. Then start stapling the fabric to the back of the inner part, pulling the fabric rather tight as you go. I usually do it in the following order: top, bottom (so it’s fixated), left, right and then filling the holes..

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder by Nachtschwinge

(I didn’t take off the black and white fabric, but just went over it..)

If you’ve done it right, there shouldn’t be any folds on the front:

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder by Nachtschwinge

When this part is done and the frame has dried from the second round of spray painting it, you can put everything together! Put the inner part into the frame and use the nails on the back to hold it together. I didn’t nail the inner part down, but hammered the nails horizontally into the frame, so the inner part would hold, but I can take it apart again in the future (if my taste changes again *lol*)!

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder by Nachtschwinge

And you’re done! :) Now you can hang it wherever you want and use the pins to hang your earrings. For the frame I chose colours that matched our new bedroom’s color scheme, also bought some small golden frames and filled them with artwork I love :)

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder by Nachtschwinge

Resources: big frame (fleamarket), small frames (Nanunana), card “When you love what you have…” (Studio Calico PL kit; background paper also Studio Calico), artwork “You can keep Mr Grey,..” (free printable from Polka Dot Creative; adorned with golden paint splatters), free commercial card, small mirror (H&M Home)

Hope you liked this little project! I’ve got another one that needs to be finished before I can show you ;)

If you’re making your own jewellery frame, I’d love to see it! Let me know in the comments!

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend!
xoxo Sandra


Fresh veggies <3

I’m right in the middle of a long weekend which is awesome (even though I’m not feeling that good today)… I just finished my mini album about out trip to the Netherlands in February and am about to scrap a layout…guess life is good (and scrappy) at the moment ;)

So I thought I could show you another layout I did in January that never got published here *lol*

Fresh veggies  (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

You might know by now that I love to cook and bake ;) And since we’ve moved into the new house where I have a steamer now, I’m using so much more fresh products than before… Especially veggies! <3 And because I think that’s pretty awesome, I had to do a layout about it!

Fresh veggies  (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

It’s inspired by Marcy Penner‘s classroom “On the Grid” at Studio Calico. I love, love, loooove Marcy’s style and tried to channel it a little with this layout…

Fresh veggies - by nachtschwinge

Used some golden accent embelllies because, well, I love gold and think it fits the colour scheme surprisingly well…  The grid pattern is amazing, because I was able to use a lot of scrap paper pieces I had left from other projects! :)

So hope your weekend is a nice one! I’ll be back soon, probably with a video of my mini ;)
xoxo Sandra

Beer testing…(finally a new layout!)

Yes, I’m finally back with a layout I did ages ago already *lol*

I haven’t been scrapping for weeks and don’t really know why…I mean, at work I often think about how much I’d love to scrap, but when I get home I’m just blah..and weekend’s are meant for spending a little time with my super busy hubby and cleaning the house…*sigh* Anyways, I’m collecting some stuff to scrap right now and will also attend NSD tomorrow :) So there’s more to come!

But now on to my layout!

Beer testing (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

In January my hubby was presented with a few bottles of three kinds of very special beer. When one of my workmates visited us after work, we decided to drink it! :) So that’s what this layout is all about.

Beer testing (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

I wanted to use yellow for the colour of the beer and lots of bits and pieces that are fun or just pure cute ;)

Beer testing - by nachtschwinge

I like the fun vibe the layout has and am pretty satisfied with the outcome. :)

So hope you’re having a nice weekend and an awesome NSD! ;)
xoxo Sandra

Not dead (note the Sherlock reference *lol*) – April currents!

So I’ve been gone for the past 2 months (omg!) time and motivation to blog, lots to do in the house, spring fever and so on… But mostly my head is spinning with anything to do with photography! Trying to learn as much as I can as well as putting my little in-home-studio together. Totally not finished yet, but it’s starting to look like a studio, so here we go ;)

Anyway, I thought I’d be back with my currents (100% nicked from Kellie this time around!)


TIME: 11:24am

LOCATION: (home) office

FEELING: motivated

LOVING: the spring sun!!

READING: “Mein Herz springt” (= “My heart jumps”) by Susan Bauer (which strongly reminds me of my first big love)

DRINKING: fruit juice, but getting another cup of coffee as I write ;)

ANTICIPATING: a nice long weekend (Happy Easter!!)

LISTENING TO: Ed Sheeran, The Mend, Loveable Rogues, Collabro, mostly British music from Youtube ;)

WATCHING: Sherlock Holmes (RDJ)

PLANNING: the decoration of a few walls in our home (but it will take ages to realize)

LOOKING FORWARD TO: starting a big DIY project today!

CREATING:  stuff for my photo studio, but also hope to scrap again soon

NEED TO FINISH: my nerd wall here in the office (there’s still a frame missing) as well as the wall in our bedroom

WISHING: I could spend a few days in the country…preferably in Ireland or England *sigh*

MAIN GOAL: get on top of laundry, finish that DIY project over the weekend!


Hope your Easter weekend is nice and sunny! :)
xoxo Sandra

Hello Dublin!

I’m missing England/Ireland so much, I can’t even tell you *sigh* So as a kind of therapy I sat down and scrapped one of my vacation pictures from 3 years ago!

We made a bus trip through the northern half of Ireland back then and also went to Dublin, of course. Unfortunately we only had a few hours to go on our own and it was all grey and raining, so we didn’t see much, but just walked through the shopping streets and had a coffee in a mall… In the evening we went to the Temple Bar district though, which was awesome!!!! :D

Anyway, so here’s my layout about that short walk ;)

Hello Dublin (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

I added a digital stamp from Studio Calico (from the “Digital Basics” class) to the picture as well as some word strips later :) Oh and can I say, I how much LOVE this golden alphas!?!?!? So awesome!!

Hello Dublin (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

Added some golden splatters, too (as always, can’t stop myself from adding splatters), and a few of these diamond puffy stickers from a redent Studio Calico kit. Also isn’t that “#LIVELOVELIFE” stamp super cute? :)

Hello Dublin - by nachtschwinge

The design of this layout is inspired by a past sketch challenge from SC, that I just didn’t make in time *lol* Happens so often to me ;)

Anyway, hope you have an awesome weekend! I want to get my scrap on now! Have fun!
xoxo Sandra