Just a little…

…sign that I’m still up and alive, just super busy with the new house… And let me tell you, I’m just both physically and emotionally VERY tired at the moment…this journey has been a roller coaster of emotions, guys….

Our original plan was to to move into the house by Dec 1rst, BUT the screed hasn’t dried enough to do the flooring, so yes…we have to wait a little more…next measurement of the remaining humidity on Friday and praying for a wonder. Because if isn’t done by the end of next week, we won’t have a kitchen until January *sigh*….you see…I’m a little tense right now, worrying and praying and working fulltime beside all this…

So please bear with me, this blog will not be updatzet regularly until we’re sound and save in the new house…and I really could use some positive thoughts ;)

xoxo Sandra


Wow, another two weeks have gone by in a blur since my last post…. Stress at work, the house and many other things are occupying my mind and wearing me out right now…but I’m back today with a new layout!

Hugo (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

It’s obviously inspired by the amazing Anna Maria :) as well as my current favourite summer drink, the Hugo! If you’re not middle-European you’ll probably won’t know about this drink, so let me tell you about it!

A Hugo consists of Prosecco, elderflower syrup and soda together with mint leaves, limes and ice cubes! Really refreshing and tastes SO good! :D

Hugo (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

Used a watercolor technique, stamps and also scribbled a little ;) New to me, but it was really fun! Love the fresh colours of the Hugo, so I took my colour scheme from there :)

Hugo - by nachtschwinge

So sad that the warm days are gone already, it’s so fall-ish right now, foggy and cold and wet..blah… Could have used a little more sun this year..

Anyway, hope your week’s a good one so far!
xoxo Sandra

Project Life April

Yes, I’m way behind on posting my PL spreads! And I’m also behind on doing PL *lol* I finished June and am working on July, but I’m currently more in the mood of scrapping layouts than doing PL, so I’ll probably won’t be caught up soon ;)

Anyway, so here’s my PL spread for April!

Monthly PL spread: April 2014  - by nachtschwinge

April was awesome and full of lovely outings with my girls, my Mum and my hubby! I mostly used fresh, spring-y colours to go with my pictures. :)

Monthly PL spread: April 2014  (left part) - by nachtschwinge

The left part of the spread is about me doing my hair in a curly fashion *lol* as well as going to my favourite “Heurigen” with Mum, a night out with my girls and my hubby being all knocked out because of work… The digital stamp I used came from Studio Calico <3

Monthly PL spread: April 2014  (right part) - by nachtschwinge

The right side is about heading for my Dad’s for Easter brunch, finally getting a “GO” for our house plans and the start of it, my first try at making burgers 100% myself and a trip with my hubby to sell plants at a small village market :)

Really like how it all came together! And I can’t believe how much has happened since then…our house is almost ready, tomorrow they’re starting with the floor screed and after a few weeks we can start to paint and so on!! Moving at the end of November/start of December sounds possible now! :D So excited and also already a bit stressed about the move *lol*

So hope you’re having an amazing day today!
xoxo Sandra

“Other things may change us….

….but we start and end with family”

Love this saying and knew I wanted to make it my title when I saw these pictures of my Mum and Grandma :)

I really, really adore these pictures even though they’re not totally sharp, but it’s a rare thing to capture such a moment with my Mum in it (she hates having her photo taken and always talks when I click the shutter *lol*) and my Grandma’s not doing too well lately, so

Other things may change us.. (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

Cut the title with my Cameo, wasn’t sure what colour to choose for it first, but went with a neutral white in the end.. And I also used some of the really cool diecut pieces from Heidi Swapp (the roses and the “so happy together” circle) <3

Other things may change us.. (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

Wanted to keep it kind of classic, so no “loud” colours ‘cept shades of pink. REally like the combination with white and grey!

Other things may change us.. - by nachtschwinge

As I said, this layout is very dear to my heart :)

Hope your Saturday is awesome!! Wishing you a lovely weekend!
xoxo Sandra

On my desk (Workspace Wednesday)

Hey there! What’s everyone up to today?

I started a new layout yesterday (feels like I haven’t scrapped in ages), so that’s what my workspace currently is about ;)


You recognize that watercolour style? Well, I thought I’d try my hand at something more Anna - like because I love what she does and would also love to incorporate watercolours into my projects…so we’ll see where it will lead me :)

Hope you have a nice evening!
xoxo Sandra