My adventurer (a layout about my hubby)

Yes, my hubby is an adventurer. Everytime we’re on vacation, he’s going somewhere he shouldn’t be, climbing things, going straight through a field etc…..sometimes it makes me crazy because I feel like his Mum telling him to stay with me *lol* but most of the time it’s a character treat I really adore about him and wish I had, too  ;)

My adventurer  (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

So, of course, I had to make a layout about this topic! Using mostly manly colours like brown and blue, that also were showing in the picture I wanted to use, taken on our trip through Ireland two years ago (he’s standing on Giant’s Causeway, to be exact).

My adventurer  (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

Also found a lot of little embellishments, tags and diecuts that went well with the theme of my layout and that I stacked in clusters around my picture. Love veneer alphabet, by the way, but use it much too rarely…

My adventurer  - by nachtschwinge

I’m pretty satisfied with the result, I was even able to use the “places we’ll go & the people we’ll see” stamp that I love so much :)

So hope you like my layout and that your Friday is as sunny as mine! By the way, it’s an awesome day for me today, but the reason why has to stay a secret until I can show you *gg*
xoxo Sandra

The cake desaster (a layout)

Good morning everyone!

Today I want to share with you a funny layout I did about my Mother’s day story I shared back in May…

The cake desaster (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

I really love how this alyout turned out! It’s bright and happy and funny *lol* Played with some details as the thread around the picture and some accents that fitted the theme….

The cake desaster (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

And I love how this colourful wide washi tape coordinates perfectly with the other colours! Typed the journalling on vellum with my beloved typewriter (love the look of it!)..

The cake desaster  - by nachtschwinge

Still love how the picture looks so yummy, but the story behind it is so funny ;) Well, we learn from mistakes, I guess *lol*

So have a nice Tuesday everyone!! I’m taking a day off of work tomorrow because my hubby and I have to do some meetings concerning the house.. see ya soon! :)
xoxo Sandra

July currents

July currents

(Picture from today *gg*)

Watching: “The Following” and “Orange is the new Black”

Reading: just finished “The running Queen” by Patrick Schnalzer (not as good as I hoped for), need to find some new ones for our vacation…

Listening: not much music lately, but mostly Loveable Rogues and The Mend ;)

Making: finished my “Me @ 30″ mini album, now starting my PL for June

Feeling: so, so, SO happy when standing in our house!! Definitely my happy place right now! :D

Planning: and looking forward to our Greece vacation in a few weeks!! Can’t wait!!

Loving: happy mail! ;)

That’s as far as July goes for now… Hope your wek started in a nice way!
xoxo Sandra

Hello Summer!

Well, actually it doesn’t look like summer today…it’s grey and rainy and not really warm…but this is the right day for a summer layout, isn’t it? ;)

Nevertheless, first comes what I’ve been up to recently (what kept me from blogging)… Well, last weekend my hubby got a huge delivery of young plants (like about 3600!!) and we had to repot them into bigger pots. Originally they come in trays of about 64 each or so….well…we had planned to work two days, but with help from friends and family (THANKS!!) we managed to finish in 1 day!! Which is kind of a record :) So here’s what the nursery looked like in the end…

young plants in the nursery

So proud of all of us! :) Can’t wait to see them grow! In two or three months they’re ready to be sold! ;)

Besides this we also had a family get together last Sunday with the part of my extended family I only see once a year or so… Love being with all of them and we had lots of fun as well as lots of food (and drinks) *lol*


The drink’s called “Hugo”, by the way…it’s a light cocktail made of prosecco, elderflower syrup, soda with fresh mint and limes in the glass – so yummy!!! :)

And the thing that occupied me most (because I went looking all the time) is the ongoing building process!! This week the upper floor was finished and we even got (most of) the windows already!!! And yesterday they started putting up the roof…still can’t believe it! :D

Building process

I’m so excited and can’t wait to see the finished roof!! (Picture from yesterday)

But anyway, now on to my summer layout *lol* I don’t want to bore you with my life ;)

Hello summer  (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

As you can see right away I had a lot of fun with my Cameo here *gg* Flower cut files are from iheartstudio alias Wilna Furstenberg, title by me ;)

Hello summer  (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

Used some Instagram pics I’ve taken during the last months that represented the new season to me and colours that matched the theme as well as the pics ;)

Hello summer  - by nachtschwinge

Really like how this layout turned out and know now that I need to experiment even more with my Cameo! *ggg*

Hope your Friday’s short as far as working goes!
xoxo Sandra

My bouquet full of memories (wedding layout)

Morning everyone! I can’t tell you how tired I am today *lol* Yesterday was my best friend Claudia’s birthday and we visited her for some dinner and chatting… well, I went to bed around half past 1 a.m… *yawn*

Anyway, I want to show you a new wedding-themed layout today!

My bouquet full of memories  (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

Layout 5 of 50 :)

Layout 22 of 50 :)


Usually this isn’t my colour combination, but my wedding colours were violet and green and my wedding bouquet violet flowers, too, so it fits perfectly and I love the airy, friendly feel of it! :)

My bouquet full of memories  (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

I also had to include some golden elements, of course! ;) Can’t get enough of gold lately…really..I even used some golden puffy paint to create some dimensional dots. By the way, those papers are pretty old already ;)

My bouquet full of memories  - by nachtschwinge

The story behind this picture? Well, I was really sorry that my (deceased)  Grandparents couldn’t attend my wedding any more and I wanted them to still be “present” in some way. So I crafted some pendants for my bouquet featuring pictures of them. They turned out pretty good and I love this picture of the final bouquet (that was so awesome, too, I mean feathers!!!)! <3

Have you crafted anything special for your wedding? I’d love to hear!
xoxo Sandra