Beach reading list 2015

Whenever I go on a beach vacation, I know that I need lots of books for sure, since reading is pretty much all I do when I’m not swimming in the sea ;) And this time I even read more books than I thought I would and enjoyed most of them, so I wanted to share them all with you :)

Beach reading list 2015

Sharing the English titles, but I read most of them in German ;)

1) Paula Hawkins – The Girl On The Train

Started my vacation with this one ;) A thriller about an alcoholic woman who seems to have been part of a criminal event, but has no useful memories of it and tries to find out.

Nice level of suspense and well written. I had a feeling of who might be the true “bad one” somewhere in the middle of the book, but wasn’t quite sure until the end, so definitely a plus!

2) Jojo Moyes – The Girl You Left Behind

I bet everyone has heard about Jojo Moyes by now, she’s totally “in” and I get why. I already read some of her other books and was looking forward to this one, too. It has two different timelines, one in the past during the world war in France and one decades later in England. Two women, whose stories are connected by a painting of a woman.

Jojo’s storytelling is awesome as always and I really couldn’t wait for finding out the whole story behind the picture. Nevertheless I didn’t enjoy it as much as other Jojo books, maybe the whole two storylines thing just isn’t for me…

3) Lori Nelson Spielman – Sweet Forgiveness

Oh my God, I LOVED Lori’s other book “The Life List” and wept through most of it *lol* Well, I’m quite relieved this wasn’t the thing with this one (would be awkward to weep on the beach *lol*), but it’s still awesome!

The story’s about a woman who tells herself she’s everything she ever wanted, but her partner won’t marry her and she doesn’t talk to her Mum any more and so on.. Then the forgiveness stones come her way and she is somehow tricked into having to cope with her past, meeting a lovely guy along the way, too…

It’s an easy read, I liked the story and the little romance and everything – perfect kind of book for me right now ;)

4) Mary Kay Andrews – Summer Rental

I actually thought this would be a chickflick, but it isn’t just that. It’s about 3 girlfriends spending a whole month in an old beachhouse. Because of money issues they’re outrenting one room to another woman, who happens to be on the flight…but they also find out that each of them has secrets they have been keeping from each other…

Also an easy read, and I liked this book more than I would have thought. I took it with me as an “emergency” read, for when I had read all other books, but would actually recommend it as a beach read! :)

5) Fredrik Backman – My Grandmother Sends Her Regards And Apologies

Initially I wanted to get Backman’s other book “A Man Called Ove”, but decided to read his new one first. :) It’s the story of a house and it’s inhabitants, packed into a tale about a girl who loses her Grandmother, who decides to send her on a special kind of scavenger hunt for one last time.

I really, loved this book! It’s funny and heartwarming, but also sad and I had tears in my eyes more than once.. Big recommendation!!

6) E L James – 50 Shades Of Grey As Told By Christian

What can I say? Yes, I read 50 Shades and enjoyed it. And I also read this one and enjoyed it. The male view is quite refreshing and fun to read and gives a little more insight on Christian’s life before Ana. If you liked the trilogy, you’ll probably like this one, too.

7) Maggie Fenton – The Duke’s Holiday

Oh my gosh, now this one was my second emergency book, but it turned out to be one of my fave in a long time! It’s about a Duke who is kind of OCD, never leaving his home, who somehow is forced to, because there’s some strange things happening in one part of his country and his right hand he sent off to make investigations and report back (and who is OCD, too), kind of disappeared… When he arrives at his destination, he could never have been prepared for what he finds and his whole life changes in just a few days time.

This book’s cover makes it look like it’s a kitschy chickflick, but the book’s oh so funny – it had me laughing out loud several times – and charming. Yes, there’s romance and little bit more, but itz’s so much more! I especially enjoyed the funny arguments between the main characters – exactly what I love :)


So now I’m out of books to read again. If you happen to have a recommendation, please, hit me with it!! :D

xoxo Sandra

Our vacation in numbers :)

Yes, I’m back from Greece and I thought it would be fun to tell you about it in numbers before I have time to dig through all the pictures I took ;)

Beautiful Karpathos - by nachtschwinge

View from our breakfast terrace <3

Days on vacation: 8

Kilometres flewn: ca. 5000

Greek salads eaten: 7

Temperatures: around 30°C

Hours spent on the beach: around 45

Omelettes eaten for breakfast: 15 (Tom & I)

Wind peaks: 72km/h

Events celebrated: 3 (Tom and my birthday, as well as our couple anniversary)

Cocktails drunken: 10 (Tom and I)

Water temperature: 26°C

Memories: priceless :D


It’s been an awesome week, you guys! I can only recommend Karpathos and especially the hotel “Aegean Village” in Ammopi (the place we stayed at). Such a beautiful, beautiful place! <3

xoxo Sandra

August: currently

Again, missed a month, but August is awesome, so here we go:

currently August

(As we speak, I’m still on vacation in Greece, coming back today, so these currents are from the middle of the month actually ;) )

feeling pretty fat lately (I gained so much weight since I stopped taking the pill last year *sigh*)

drinking cold nettle tea to get rid of some water (also awesome because of the heat)

watching “Sense 8″ – not too sure about it yet..

planning more blog entries for the month :)

listening to nothing lately because my Ipod’s out of power (and I always forget to load it)

working on a summer selfie mini album (propbably published it by now)

starting to read a new book soon, just finished another one :)

fearing to get old *lol*

needing to make a list of all the things to pack for our vacation

hating that I probably won’t make it to England/Ireland soon

wishing for Tom and I to celebrate our birthdays in a nice way on vacation :)

wanting to make a birthday party after our vacation, but don’t know if this will happen

looking forward to the moment when I first dip my toes into the ocean next week

xoxo Sandra

Unten am Fluss (Down by the river) – SBW August-Kit

And here’s the last layout I did with the SBW August kit!

Und hier ist das letzte Layout, das ich mit dem SBW August-Kit gewerkelt hab!

Unten am Fluss (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

Totally different style than the other layouts with the kit *lol* I went kind opf mixed media-ish and painted shades of Mr Huey with my watertank brush on the white background paper. I also wanted to try the “handcut your title from patterned paper” trend for a while now and finally did it! ;)

Völlig anderer Stil als die anderen Kit-Layouts *lol* Ich bin ein bisschen in die Richtung Mixed Media gegangen und hab Mr Huey – Töne mit meinem Wassertankpinsel auf das weiße Hintergrundpapier gemalt. Außerdem wollte ich schon ewig den “Schneide deinen Titel mit der Hand aus” – Trend probieren und hab das endlich  gemacht! ;)

Unten am Fluss (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

Took these pictures when it was awefully hot and Tom and I decided to have a nice picnic at the riverside – we also ended up wading through the water and “swimming”, too (it wasn’t really deep enough).

Diese Bilder sind entstanden als es schrecklich heiß war und Tom und ich beschlossen haben, ein nettes Picknick am Fluss zu machen – wir sind dann auch durchs Wasser gewatet und “geschwommen” (das Wasser wear nicht wirklich tief genug).

Unten am Fluss - by nachtschwinge


Scrapbook Werkstatt – August-Kit {Rund um die Welt}


This summer has been one of the hottest I can remember…how’s you summer been so far?

Dieser Sommer ist einer der heißesten, an die ich mich erinnern kann…wie wars bei euch bis jetzt?

xoxo Sandra


Fernweh (Wanderlust) – SBW August-Kit

Before we talk about scrapbooking, I want to wish my awesome hubby a wonderful 32nd birthday! :) And yes, I’m 2 days older :D

Bevor’s wieder um Scrapbooking geht, möchte ich meinem tollen Mann einen wundervollen 32. Geburtstag wünschen! :) Und ja, ich bin 2 Tage älter :D

Happy 32nd birthday!

But I also owe you two more layouts from the SBW August kit! Here’s the first one:

Aber ich schulde euch auch noch zwei Layouts mit dem SBW August-Kit! Hier kommt das erste:

Fernweh (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

I love the black/white/gold cards that come with the kit and I also love grid layouts, so I kept the design rather simple and used the cards to make my grid!

Ich liebe die schwarz/weiß/goldenen Karten, die mit dem Kit kamen, und ich liebe auch “Grid” Layouts (= Layouts, wo die Elemente in einem Raster ausgerichtet sind), also hab ich das DEsign eher einfach gehalten und die Karten benutzt, um meinen Raster zu bilden!

Fernweh (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

The topic is pretty clear: I want to get away!! (sing it with me *lol*) The urge to travel is ever so growing right now!

Thematisch ist ganz klar, worum’s geht: ich will weg!! Der Drang zu reisen ist grade mal wieder besonders groß!

Fernweh  - by nachtschwinge


Scrapbook Werkstatt – August-Kit {Rund um die Welt}


Have you already had your summer vacation or are you about to go somewhere? I’d love to hear about it! :)

Wart ihr schon auf Sommerurlaub oder seid ihr grade am Packen? Ich würde gern hören, wos für euch hingeht! :)

xoxo Sandra