On my desk (Workspace Wednesday)

Hey there! What’s everyone up to today?

I started a new layout yesterday (feels like I haven’t scrapped in ages), so that’s what my workspace currently is about ;)


You recognize that watercolour style? Well, I thought I’d try my hand at something more Anna - like because I love what she does and would also love to incorporate watercolours into my projects…so we’ll see where it will lead me :)

Hope you have a nice evening!
xoxo Sandra

Currently longing for this… (a layout)

Told you I’d be back ;) So while I’m trying to get back into the groove of blogging and scrapping (lots of ideas, but no time at all), I want to show you a layout that  I did a while ago already..and that I really love :)


As you probably know by now, I LOVE sketches and getting inspiration from other artists’ work! And this layout was inspired by one I had pinned a while ago from Lucia, whose style I adore! You can see the inspiration layout here. I loved the centered design, the big picture and the tag on the top, so I took these elements and went on…


Used some cuts I did with my Cameo and one of those awesome cut tags from Pink Paislee <3  Coloured all of them with some of my Mr Hueys in shades of green that fitted the picture and papers…


This layout represents all my longing for the Northern countries…I want to go back to Britain and/or Ireland so bad *sigh* Scotland’s high on my list as well as Wales, but I wouldn’t be picky, if I only could go there ;)

So hope you’re having an awesome day :)
xoxo Sandra

Back on my birthday ;)

So I took a little break from my blog after returning from Greece because I just didn’t feel like it and there’s a lot going on right now…

Our house is starting to actually look like a house inside, too, currently getting the internal plaster, soon to be followed by the floor screed and such :)

And today, well, today I’m turning 31! I love birthdays, but I really can’t believe it..for once how time flies this year…and because I don’t really feel like 30+, but more like 25+ ;)


Some people hate their birthdays because it means getting older, which is obviously true, but it also means gaining more experience and when you’re living a good life it’s just something to be thankful for. So I’m thankful today. For my loving family. My awesome friends. My amazing hubby. The life I’m able to live. And, of course, each and every one of you, who read my blog!  :)

Did I say I love birthdays? ;) Haha, I really do.

So hope you’re having an amazing day today! I’ll be back soon with new layouts and my “Me @ 30″ mini :)
xoxo Sandra

In not even 1 month

First of all, today is my second wedding anniversary! Yeah! :D

Second, I want to leave you with a new layout while I’m off to Greece ;) So here we go!

In not even 1 month  (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

This layout was lifted from the amazing Marcy Penner, from this layout to be exact….Totally loved it and knew I wanted to recreate the diecut background :)

In not even 1 month  - by nachtschwinge

I thought it was time for a house building layout *gg* Used a lot of left over bits from older papers and little things I had in my stash.. Had a lot of fun with it! I even sewed!!! ;)

Anyway, that’s all and now……….

Meet me in the sunshine!

See you all in a week! :)
xoxo Sandra


Hello baby boy…and my big news :)

Now this title could be a little misleading….no, I’m not pregnant at all *lol* But more on my news later…

First comes the “Hello baby boy” part…which is a new layout actually :)

Hello baby boy  (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

I’ve got to say straight forward that the design of this page is like totally not my idea…I did this layout for the “Lift the person above me” challenge at Studio Calico and picked this amazing layout by Pam Baldwin as a lift starter. Love her layout and really love my version of it, too :)

Hello baby boy  (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

So this layout is a bit more straight and cleaner than my usual ones *lol* I used a lot of scraps I had and golden and wooden accents that I love.

Hello baby boy  - by nachtschwinge

By the way, this boy is my oldest friend’s youngest son Matthias :) I had the pleasure of shooting a little newborn shoot for them and totally adore this little one :)Well, that’s about the layout..now on to my news…meet my new baby:

my new baby

Yes!! I’ve got a new camera!!! Thanks to the best Mum in the world, to be exact! :) I have been talking about me probably needing a new camera soon because my “old” Nikon D70 has gotten some spleens recently and I’m afraid it will just stop working one soon day… But I guess after like 7 years it’s ok for it to be worn out *lol*  So yeah, that’s my big happy news! :D Can’t wait to really work with it and shoot a “real” shooting again! :)

Hope you have an awesome Friday! Would love to hear from you! ;)
xoxo Sandra