It’s done!!

Oh my gosh…I can’t even describe how awesome it feels to write this!! :) I’m finally done with the redesign of my blog, which means (because that’s the thing that took me so damn long) my “About” page is finished and ready!!!

And I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but I’m quite proud of it and really, really love it!!

I kind of put my heart and soul and a lot of work into this page, so I hope you’re going to take at look at it, too! :D

You can find the English version right here as part of this blog and the German version here, where it’s part of my (not yet finished) photography page!

This is also the reason why there’s no “5 Pins-Sunday” today…I worked my butt off to finish the English version *lol* Ok, aaaaand finally watched the first episode of the 3rd season of Sherlock (and omg, do I love it!!!)…

So, have an awesome Sunday evening, my friends!! And I’d love to hear what you think about my new “About” page ;)
xoxo Sandra


P.S.: Totally forgot, this redesign is also an action I took because of my OLW “TACKLE” :) Love it!!

Blog your heart

This post is inspired by my current circumstances and the “Blog your heart” – series by the awesome Stephanie Howell (who hasn’t done this for a while *ahem* ;)  ) over at “Just me, my soldier … and our 4 little chicks” <3

“Blog your heart” is about blogging authentic things straight from the heart, anything that’s “real” at the moment.. So here we go!

1. I was again reminded yesterday of how special it is to still have your loved ones and that it’s not natural.. My workmate’s father died unexpectedly at the age of 65… And while it’s a death that one can wish for (die in sleep), it leaves everybody else devasteted.. So because of this I’m writing my loved ones a note today to say how much I love them and that I feel blessed to have them in my life.

2. This waiting for the municipal administration to approve our building project (that is our house) is bloody unnerving and frustrating!! I feel so helpless because we can’t do anything about it, just sit and wait…and precious time goes by – time when the weather would be perfect for the construction company!! *grml* And we need to be rather fast with the building process because we have to move out of our flat at the end of this year (actually October was the goal, but I don’t think that’s possible any more…)… So every day I’m praying for “the call” that gives us the GO ..

3. I’ve been buying some shooting-related things lately like newborn accessoires and also 3 backgrounds…because I’m dying to shoot more and improve my skills!!! But I’ll be needing a new camera soon, I’m afraid, (’cause I have my Nikon D70 like 8 years or so now and it’s already showing some signs of not working properly) and that’s not really in the current budget plan.. And I also don’t have space really in the flat we live in…so it would  be best to wait until the house is up and ready…which leads me back to point 2…

4. Like each spring I’m not seeing my husband a lot lately…he’s a garden designer and is out and about the whole day from morning till 8 or 9p.m…so I’m cooking and eating alone, saving his part till he gets home.. I should be used to this by now, but I still miss him somehow…and weekend’s aren’t really better..He often works then, too, at least office work, and we almost never have time to actually go out and spend some quality time together.. I’m not complaining, just saying I miss him..

5. There are still some things I really need to tackle (my OLW this year)…like learning how to drive, making some doctor appointments, losing weight or keeping up with chores…. But I already ticked some points off my list, so I need to remind myself of taking single steps at a time..the journey is its own reward.

6. I’m really missing a garden and can’t wait to be able to grow my own vegetables or just walk barefoot in the grass…I love spring, but without a garden it’s half the fun ;)

7. A confession: I haven’t watched season 3 of Sherlock yet, though I already own it. There’s no other reason but that I want to really enjoy it alone and mainly because I don’t want it to be “over” again *sigh* I know, this is soooo silly, but I can’t help it.. So I’ve been watching other shows lately like “Agents of SHIELD” or “Ripper Street” that I like, too. But my heart’s longing for Sherlock…so I guess I should just watch and get over it *lol* We’ll see..

So that’s about it for now..I actually feel a little relieved now ;)

Hope you have an awesome day!
xoxo Sandra

5 Pins-Sunday ***05.04.***

Here we go again! It’s Sunday already and I hope you all have a good time! :)

(You can click on the pictures to be brought to the original Pinterest site)


So true. A thing I’m thinking about and need to remind me of every day… I can be such a perfectionist, but nobody’s born with the perfect ability…it’s partly talent, but mostly training and learning.

2. Scrapbooking

Isn’t this layout just awesome?! It’s by Suz Mannecke, who designed it for the Basic Grey blog :) Perfectly spring :D

3. Nerdy stuff

Trying not to choose another Ben/Sherlock pin *lol* So this is a GIF I found so very funny I had to pin it *lol* Seems like Thor’s hammer is a little too light ;)

4. Interior Design/DIY

A lot of you may have seen this one before since it’s a DIY project from the famous Elsie :) But I had to pin these awesome textured planters because they’re just so pretty!

5. Inspiring Photography

This one’s the hardest to choose today because I’ve mainly been pinning photography pins lately *lol* So this is a shooting that just screams “spring love” to me! :) Love the colours, the light, the picnic setting!!

And that’s it again! Hope you liked this installment of 5-Pins-Sunday!! :)

Have a nice Sunday!
xoxo Sandra

LIEBSTER award :)

So last week Kellie from “Give a Girl a Blog” – whom you hopefully know by now since I was her January’s Guest Designer – left me a message on Facebook telling me that there was a little something for me on her blog….well, when I went looking for it, I was amazed because it’s the “LIEBSTER award”!! This is so cool and it’s so sweet of Kellie to choose my blog as one of her chosen 10! Thanks again, I really appreciate it! :D

So here we go! What’s the deal about the “LIEBSTER award”?? Well, first, the award is meant to promote smaller, not (yet) so well known blogs. Second, everybody who gets it has to answer 11 questions from the one that nominated you. Then you have to choose 10 people/blogs you’d like to promote yourself and write 11 questions for them to answer. Pretty simple, still a really cool concept :)

The following questions were given to me by Kellie:

1. Favourite flower/plant?
Wow, as the wife of a garden designer this is a pretty hard question, especially because the answer changes frequently *lol* But at the moment I’d say my favourite flower is the Ranunculus <3 and my favourite tree is the Magnolia. :)

2. If you could have one thing, that you don’t have right now, what would it be [can be person/object etc]?

My long gone Grandma…really missing her lately!

3. Favourite day of the week?

Saturday!! Because I don’t have to work, but can go shopping or do just anything I want ;)

4. Something you cherish?

My family and friends!

5. A food you couldn’t live without?

Salad! *lol* I know this sounds a bit strange, but I really do love all kinds of salad!

6. Song that gets you moving?

Literally moving? Hm…currently this has to be the very famous  “Happy” :D But it’s normal for me to not sit still when listening to music ;)

7. When you’re not blogging you’re?

Watching TV shows, taking photographs, cooking/baking, reading or listening to music :)

8. Drink of choice?

Usually fruit juice with water, but when I’m out and about I love to get myself something more “fancy” like ice tea or coke or a cocktail *lol*

9. Reason you started your blog?

Good question…hm…I guess partly because of the Leo in my likes to display himself, partly because I like to write, take pictures and create and wanted to share my experiences…and just because I think blogging is an amazing way to connect people! Some blogs I’m following for like 10 years now and still love them!! It just feels like I’d know them in real life and we are just separated through space *lol*

10. Favourite craft?

Scrapbooking for sure :)

11. Person you most admire?

Person I know: my Mum’s Mum – she’s such a loving person, never a bad word about anyone, never complaining for “nothing”, always friendly, welcoming…and an awesome cook! :) Actually I believe she/her genes are the reason why I love to cook and why I’m quite talented  with it (my Mum’s a really good cook, too, I should add)..

Wow, these were some really cool questions!! Now I have to think of 11 people/blogs I’d like to nominate….here they come (in alphabetical order):












These bloggers come from all different areas: scrapbookers, food bloggers, DIYers and so on..some write in English and some in German…hope you visit all of them and maybe put them in your feed reader! :D

And here are my questions for them:

1. What’s the thing/achievment you’re most proud of?

2. Is there a food/meal you loved as a child and hate now or vice versa and what is it?

3. Tell us about a creative or cooking project that went awefully wrong! :)

4. Everyone (especially women) has a guilty pleasure like shoes, scarfs, jewellery,…what’s the thing you can’t walk by, but have to buy?

5. What’s do you do to fight stress?

6. What’s your favourite picture of yourself ever (show us!)?

7. Who’s currently your favourite (male) actor and why? Looks? Brains? Talent? ;)

8. What’s your most hated household core?

9. Which room in your home  is your favourite and why?

10. Tell us about a bad habit you’ve got ’cause we all have some.. :)


Wow, pretty hard to make up questions *lol* Already looking forward to the girl’s answers! :D

So hope you have a nice Saturday! I’m going to work on my “about”-page this weekend, hope I can finish it!
xoxo Sandra


A little outtake..

I did a little self portrait shooting yesterday for my future “about” page and while it was fun, it also was really exhausting…especially when I tried to get a picture of me and both cats *lol*

Thought you might appreciate a good laugh ;)
xoxo Sandra