Project Life April

Yes, I’m way behind on posting my PL spreads! And I’m also behind on doing PL *lol* I finished June and am working on July, but I’m currently more in the mood of scrapping layouts than doing PL, so I’ll probably won’t be caught up soon ;)

Anyway, so here’s my PL spread for April!

Monthly PL spread: April 2014  - by nachtschwinge

April was awesome and full of lovely outings with my girls, my Mum and my hubby! I mostly used fresh, spring-y colours to go with my pictures. :)

Monthly PL spread: April 2014  (left part) - by nachtschwinge

The left part of the spread is about me doing my hair in a curly fashion *lol* as well as going to my favourite “Heurigen” with Mum, a night out with my girls and my hubby being all knocked out because of work… The digital stamp I used came from Studio Calico <3

Monthly PL spread: April 2014  (right part) - by nachtschwinge

The right side is about heading for my Dad’s for Easter brunch, finally getting a “GO” for our house plans and the start of it, my first try at making burgers 100% myself and a trip with my hubby to sell plants at a small village market :)

Really like how it all came together! And I can’t believe how much has happened since then…our house is almost ready, tomorrow they’re starting with the floor screed and after a few weeks we can start to paint and so on!! Moving at the end of November/start of December sounds possible now! :D So excited and also already a bit stressed about the move *lol*

So hope you’re having an amazing day today!
xoxo Sandra

Hello Summer!

Well, actually it doesn’t look like summer today…it’s grey and rainy and not really warm…but this is the right day for a summer layout, isn’t it? ;)

Nevertheless, first comes what I’ve been up to recently (what kept me from blogging)… Well, last weekend my hubby got a huge delivery of young plants (like about 3600!!) and we had to repot them into bigger pots. Originally they come in trays of about 64 each or so….well…we had planned to work two days, but with help from friends and family (THANKS!!) we managed to finish in 1 day!! Which is kind of a record :) So here’s what the nursery looked like in the end…

young plants in the nursery

So proud of all of us! :) Can’t wait to see them grow! In two or three months they’re ready to be sold! ;)

Besides this we also had a family get together last Sunday with the part of my extended family I only see once a year or so… Love being with all of them and we had lots of fun as well as lots of food (and drinks) *lol*


The drink’s called “Hugo”, by the way…it’s a light cocktail made of prosecco, elderflower syrup, soda with fresh mint and limes in the glass – so yummy!!! :)

And the thing that occupied me most (because I went looking all the time) is the ongoing building process!! This week the upper floor was finished and we even got (most of) the windows already!!! And yesterday they started putting up the roof…still can’t believe it! :D

Building process

I’m so excited and can’t wait to see the finished roof!! (Picture from yesterday)

But anyway, now on to my summer layout *lol* I don’t want to bore you with my life ;)

Hello summer  (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

As you can see right away I had a lot of fun with my Cameo here *gg* Flower cut files are from iheartstudio alias Wilna Furstenberg, title by me ;)

Hello summer  (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

Used some Instagram pics I’ve taken during the last months that represented the new season to me and colours that matched the theme as well as the pics ;)

Hello summer  - by nachtschwinge

Really like how this layout turned out and know now that I need to experiment even more with my Cameo! *ggg*

Hope your Friday’s short as far as working goes!
xoxo Sandra

Gewinner, Gewinner, Gewinner!

Ja, es ist Zeit, die Gewinner der tollen Stabilo SMARTballs bekanntzugeben!!

Und die Gewinner sind…….



Lukas Auer

Raphael Gürth




Gratulation an alle!!!

Ich werd gleich eine Mail an euch rausschicken!!

Schönen Sonntag all meinen lieben Bloglesern!!! :)
xoxo Sandra