My new free PL card set “bookworm” and my plans for the upcoming week..

So first of all, I’ve designed a new PL card set!! Whooot! I I really don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but I love these cards, it’s definitely my fave card set so far :)

Free PL card set "bookworm" by nachtschwinge

If you also like this set, you can download it here :) I’d love to see your spreads, if you’re using them!

Credits for some free graphics I used:
Graphic on the “librocubicularist” card from “We lived happily ever after” here.
Circle graphic on the “the stories we love best” card from “We lived happily ever after” here.
Arrow graphic on the “books turn muggles into wizards” card from “We lived happily ever after” here.
Some background textures from Web Texture.

And there’s also today’s blogging prompt, “a list for the week ahead”. So this are my plans for the next days, while my husband’s away (he’s working a huge garden project almost 2 hours away and got a room there for the week)…

  • Meeting my girls on Monday for dinner and probably a movie :D
  • I got a day off on Friday, so it’s a 4 day-weekend :)
  • Doing my PL for May
  • Cleaning the flat (it’s time!!)
  • Doing the DIY project I planned for this weekend, but that never got done *lol*

So just a usual week, nothing fancy ;)

Hope your weekend has been nice so far! The weather lately is awesome, I hope to catch some tan soon! :)
xoxo Sandra

Freitagsfüller and a PL freebie!

It’s Friday (TGIF!!) which means it’s time for the weekly “Freitagsfüller” from Scrap-Impulse!


1.  Mein altes Ich wollte sich immer mit allen gut verstehen und gemocht werden, mein neues Ich weiß, dass das gar nicht geht und auch kein Ziel ist, das es anstreben möchte, weil das bedeuten würde, dass es sich völlig verbiegen würde/müsste.

2.  Für alles, was man tut oder unterlässt, muss man Verantwortung übernehmen.

3. Ja nun, ich sollte nicht so viel prokrastinieren, das gebe ich gern zu.  ;)

4. Ich brauch einen Kaffee, jetzt sofort !!!

5. Der große Unterschied zwischen vielen guten und vielen schlechten Beziehungen ist gegenseitiger Respekt.

6.  Der Gedanke daran, irgendwann ein fertiges Haus und Kinder zu haben, macht mich glücklich. (Der Gedanke an alles, was davor noch kommt, frustriert mich dafür ziemlich..)

7. Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf einen Mini-Mädelsabend (wir gehen zu 4t essen), morgen habe ich geplant, meinem Mann auf einer “Baustelle” zu helfen (Pflegearbeiten in einem Garten) und Sonntag möchte ich scrappen! :)

Besides that, I did another set of PL cards for you (and me, of course)! Pretty simple ones, just a set of “Keep calm” cards like this one…

You can download the whole set here! Enjoy! :)

I’m leaving now because I’ve got a date with my girlfriends! Haven’t seen them in ages!! :D
xoxo Sandra

Busy bee..

Yes, that’s me! :D I’ve got a lot going on at work right now…you bsee, I work at the university of applied sciences and next week is enrollment week, where I’ll be teaching the new students about our online platforms and so on… A lot to do and I really don’t like standing in front of so many foreign people, but well… that’s part of my job and it’s only twice a year ;) So while I’m preparing for speaking to 10 groups of students, I try to use my spare time to get some other things done…things for you! :)

Means, I did another set of Project Life cards! The topic this time is “bad day” because there aren’t a lot cards out there for those days, you know ;)

You can download the English version here.

And the German version is available for download here.

So hope you like them! Enjoy! :)
xoxo Sandra

PL freebies! :)

I’m totally in love with my Studio Calico PL kit, using it for layouts mostly…so I thought why not make some cards mayself as I already did last year.. :) I plan on doing some more, but first comes my freshly made “Coffeeset”, consisting of 2 specifically coffee related cards and 4 more food related cards.

Hope you like it! Enjoy!

You can download the English version here.

And I also did a German version, not 100% the same, but very similar.. It can be downloaded here.

So I’d loooove to hear what you think!
And what themes would you like to see in the future? I already noted Clothes/shopping, love of course, inspirational quotes, kids, negative cards (bad day),..would love some more input!

Have an awesome start into the new week! :D
xoxo Sandra

New blog features and a freebie!

So Christmas is over, hope you could spend some quality time with your loved ones! We had three days of stuffing ourselves with awesome food *lol* And I decided to not step onto a scale before the end of January *lollol* Anyway, I told  you I wanted this blog to be more active and to make it easier for me, too, to keep on track..well, so I made up a few new features I will post regularly:

Yes, I’ll be doing Project Life (invented by Becky Higgins) this upcoming year! I really wanted to resist since I couldn’t even keep up with my December Daily, but when I read about it in detail and saw that some of my most favourite scrappers will be doing it, too, as well as lots of people from Studio Calico,..well.. I was hooked. :) It seems to be pretty easy and time-efficient ;) And another big reason is that the ScrapQueens are supporting PL, too, selling a little favourable kit every three months with lots of journalling stuff and alphabets in it, just perfect! Go see yourself!

This also leads me to the next feature....which will be my ScrapQueens-DT posts showing you next month’s kit as well as my creations with it if it’s my turn :D
And (at this moment) last, but definitely not least, I’m introducing to you “free(bie)day”! You see, when I decided to do Project Life, I scanned the web for cute journalling cards and printouts and found a lot, but I don’t want to buy any since my stash is huge already and I’m pretty good in picture editing….so I sat down and created some printouts myself,  in English and also in German because I couldn’t find fitting German cards at all.. When I was finished with the first sets I thought to myself “Hey, why not share them with other PLers?!” And a new feature was born *lol* So I’ll be posting zip-files with pdfs of journalling cards and maybe other stuff, too, as downloads every other week, I think.. You’ll have to keep on watching if you don’t want to miss them ;)

But for the first free(bie)day today I already have two sets of cards for you! :D I really hope you’ll like them!! The first one is partly  inspired by this free set by “A Vegas Girl At Heart” which I think is awesome, but I wanted to have it in German, too :) as well as another set with week days on the edge.. ( I printed them on craft CS and ledger paper )

You can download the German version here and the English version here.

If you look closely, you can see that one of our cats wanted to be in the picture, too ;)

The second set of cards is month-specific, one card for a day of each month.. Again, I printed them on (partly misted) ledger paper I had on hand :) Love the look!

Again you can download the German version here and the English one here.

And before I hurry off to get some other things done, I’m showing you how Kyra’s trying to “help” me whenever I want to work at my desk *lol*

I’ll be back soon with a little look-back at 2011 and a look-out on 2012 :)
Hugs to you, Sandra