Project Life April

Yes, I’m way behind on posting my PL spreads! And I’m also behind on doing PL *lol* I finished June and am working on July, but I’m currently more in the mood of scrapping layouts than doing PL, so I’ll probably won’t be caught up soon ;)

Anyway, so here’s my PL spread for April!

Monthly PL spread: April 2014  - by nachtschwinge

April was awesome and full of lovely outings with my girls, my Mum and my hubby! I mostly used fresh, spring-y colours to go with my pictures. :)

Monthly PL spread: April 2014  (left part) - by nachtschwinge

The left part of the spread is about me doing my hair in a curly fashion *lol* as well as going to my favourite “Heurigen” with Mum, a night out with my girls and my hubby being all knocked out because of work… The digital stamp I used came from Studio Calico <3

Monthly PL spread: April 2014  (right part) - by nachtschwinge

The right side is about heading for my Dad’s for Easter brunch, finally getting a “GO” for our house plans and the start of it, my first try at making burgers 100% myself and a trip with my hubby to sell plants at a small village market :)

Really like how it all came together! And I can’t believe how much has happened since then…our house is almost ready, tomorrow they’re starting with the floor screed and after a few weeks we can start to paint and so on!! Moving at the end of November/start of December sounds possible now! :D So excited and also already a bit stressed about the move *lol*

So hope you’re having an amazing day today!
xoxo Sandra

Project Life March

Morning everyone! :)

Today I want to share my monthly PL spread for March!

Monthly PL spread: March 2014  - by nachtschwinge

March was full of excitement, outings and good food, it seems to me now! :)

Monthly PL spread: March 2014 (left part) - by nachtschwinge

The left part of my spread is about my aunt’s 60th birthday celebration, us finally signing the contract with our building company (!!), a late Valentine’s outing at the steakhouse and the shoot for my “About” page :) Used a news colours scheme on this spread, since I’m usually not the orange kind of girl ;) But it fit well and it makes me happy now to look at it! :D

Monthly PL spread: March 2014 (right part) - by nachtschwinge

The right side is mainly about seeing some movies this month (LOVED “Saving Mr Banks”!!!), a new chocolate tarte recipe I tried – and let me tell you, it’s pure sin – and me helping out my hubby at the nursery… :)

No inserts this time, as I didn’t take a lot of pictures in March :( Need to work on that again! Though lately my life seems a bit boring to me, only the house building is exciting…

Anyway, hope you enjoy this sunny Sunday!
xoxo Sandra

My new free PL card set “bookworm” and my plans for the upcoming week..

So first of all, I’ve designed a new PL card set!! Whooot! I I really don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but I love these cards, it’s definitely my fave card set so far :)

Free PL card set "bookworm" by nachtschwinge

If you also like this set, you can download it here :) I’d love to see your spreads, if you’re using them!

Credits for some free graphics I used:
Graphic on the “librocubicularist” card from “We lived happily ever after” here.
Circle graphic on the “the stories we love best” card from “We lived happily ever after” here.
Arrow graphic on the “books turn muggles into wizards” card from “We lived happily ever after” here.
Some background textures from Web Texture.

And there’s also today’s blogging prompt, “a list for the week ahead”. So this are my plans for the next days, while my husband’s away (he’s working a huge garden project almost 2 hours away and got a room there for the week)…

  • Meeting my girls on Monday for dinner and probably a movie :D
  • I got a day off on Friday, so it’s a 4 day-weekend :)
  • Doing my PL for May
  • Cleaning the flat (it’s time!!)
  • Doing the DIY project I planned for this weekend, but that never got done *lol*

So just a usual week, nothing fancy ;)

Hope your weekend has been nice so far! The weather lately is awesome, I hope to catch some tan soon! :)
xoxo Sandra

A lovely comment and my Project Life for February

So today’s prompt of the “Blog every day in May” challenge would be to write about a good or controversial blog comment I got, but I decided to write about one that simply means a lot to me…which is this one..


Written by Kellie :) And why does it mean a lot to me? Because I feel the same :) You know, I’m kind of Kellie’s fan, but I also really, really like her and I think we’d get along wonderfully if we lived in the same town (or at least on the same continent *lol*).

So yeah, this is the comment I’m sharing with you ;)

Besides this, I also have my PL spread from February today!

Monthly PL spread: February 2014  - by nachtschwinge

My February was about Valentine’s Day, of course, but also about Olympia and lots of other things…

Monthly PL spread: February 2014 (left part) - by nachtschwinge

So the left part of the spread is about my planning and cooking for the 14th :) I’m pretty proud of my meal, so I wanted to include that. But there was also my cat Kyra that gave me a nice scratch in the face when jumping over me, an invitation to my workmate’s 40th birthday party and some shopping ;)

Monthly PL spread: February 2014 (right part) - by nachtschwinge

On the right side I included two winter pictures that I love, the results from my blood test (in the sheer envelope on the top left), my workmates watching Olympia in the office ;) and the fact that I really liked “American Hustle”, even though I thought I wouldn’t *lol*

Hope you liked this spread and that you’re already in “weekend mode” like me! :)
xoxo Sandra

A fave pic of me and a little Project Life

Today’s prompt for “Blog every day in May” is to blog a favourite picture of oneself…well, that’s not difficult for me :)

This is one of my current faves, taken during the shoot for my “About” page…

Nerd - by nachtschwinge

It’s just so typically me :D Really, really like this one! :)

And I’m so overdue to show you some Project Life *lol* that I thought today would be a good day to start to catch up! So here comes January!


I did two full spreads in January, whereas the protector on the right is filled with pictures and prompts concerning OLW only and the other two pages are the usual stuff :)


The first page’s about celebrating the new year, my Stabilo review, the cheesecake I baked for my office because of the guys repairing my computer and finally a workshop I went to in Vienna (job-related).


As I said the insert’s about my OLW “tackle” and the prompts Ali Edwards gave us in the class for January. I vowed to tackle bread baking, so that’s why the buns are there, too :)


Used another colour scheme for the second spread, more pink and girly ;)


Second page of the OLW theme, again with journalling prompts, the blood test I tackled, a Pinterest project I did and another bread baking try.


And the last page is about some teaching I did (job-related), a movie I saw (which was really good), some happy mail I got in January and our f***ed up clogged pipes we had to take apart and wash out by hand…ugh!!

That’s it for now! Hope your week is a good one so far! :D
xoxo Sandra