Mix’n match challenge

A while ago I heard about a mix’n match challenge from Chairish, an online platform where amazing vintage things are being sold by people all over.

Well, you know I looooove vintage stuff, scouring fleamarkets regularily ;) So, of course, I had to join the challenge!

I thought long and hard about what room to transform, but soon found there’s only one room that was perfect for this challenge: my dream photo studio!!! So in my mix’n match moodboard you’ll find furniture to make my clients feel comfortable, as well as things to store props and props themselves…here we go:


1) 2 golden metal hooks from H&M online to hang robes on them
2) a Wire Basket Hanging Storage Unit from Chairish to put things like baby hats or scarfs in it
3) this beautiful 19th Century Wooden China Cabinet from Chairish to store my blankets and props in it
4) an amazing Carved Wooden Mirror from Chairish to show my clients how beautiful they’re looking before a shoot
5) beautiful and heavy beige curtains “Merete” from Ikea to be able to get rid of the light and/or frame the window in shoots
6) a simple and modern cupboard “Regissör” from Ikea to hold even more props ;)
7) a lovely old Vintage Metal Olive Bucket from Chairish for newborn photography <3
8) a new metal wire basket from H&M for the same use (will look cool with a filler blanket)
9) my favourite piece, this Vintage French Settee with New Linen Upholstery by Chairish <3 – would use it for my clients to sit on while we talk, but also as a prop for Boudoir photography
10) two pillows “Malisen” from Ikea to go with the settee
11) this set of two modern dark couch tables “Stockholm” from Ikea
12) lastly, this awesome Shabby Chic Ladder/Step Stool from Chairish – this would be so cool for my clients to sit on during a shoot!

I’d love my studio to look like this! :) A nice mix of vintage statement pieces and modern simple designs – totally floats my boat! ;)

If you like vintage things as much as I do, you’d surely like the shabby chic pieces Chairish has to offer! :)

What about you? What’s your prefered style? Do you enjoy vintage or does everything have to be new?
xoxo Sandra

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder

Hey everyone!

Today I’m bringing you a little DIY project I did years ago for our flat, but did it again for oour new house this February since the colours didn’t match with our new bedroom ;)

What you’ll need:

  • an old (rather large if you’re like me and and have a ton of earrings) frame or framed mirror (bought mine on a flea market)
  • spray paint
  • cute fabric (I got mine from this Dawanda shop)
  • liner
  • cork (you can buy cork tiles for example)
  • double-sided tape or glue that holds cork
  • a stapler machine and staples
  • nails and hammer
  • pins
  • all your lovely earrings

And you’re ready to go!

First, you need to take your frame and inner piece apart. If you’re working with a mirror, I’d suggest getting rid of the mirror and just using the wooden part for safety reasons… My starting point looked like this, since I had done the whole project to my mirror frame before:

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder by Nachtschwinge

Originally this used to be a golden framed mirror, its paint looked pretty aweful though and several parts had come off… Also, I didn’t like gold back then and so I had decided on black and white …now I’m all back to gold *lol* Tastes change, I guess…

Anyway, so you take it apart and start by cleaning the frame. Next you cover the floor with old papers to protect it and spray paint the frame (you can also do it outside, of course, but I did it in winter, so that wasn’t really an option ;) ).

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder by Nachtschwinge

While waiting for it to dry and then spraying it a second time, you can already work on the inner part of the frame!

Use it as a template and mark the outlines on the liner, then cut it a little smaller (like 1 inch to the inside)… Cut two or three liner parts, depends on how “fluffy” you want it.

Again, use the inner part as a template and cut the patterned fabric fairly wider, about 3 inches on each side, so you’ll be able to wrap it around the wood.

And now go on and assemble it: Fill the inner part with cork tiles, leaving a little margin, and glue it down either with double-sided tape or glue. Place the liner on the inner part of the frame and the fabric on top (keep an eye on the pattern, so it’s not skewed). Hold it firmly and turn it around. Then start stapling the fabric to the back of the inner part, pulling the fabric rather tight as you go. I usually do it in the following order: top, bottom (so it’s fixated), left, right and then filling the holes..

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder by Nachtschwinge

(I didn’t take off the black and white fabric, but just went over it..)

If you’ve done it right, there shouldn’t be any folds on the front:

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder by Nachtschwinge

When this part is done and the frame has dried from the second round of spray painting it, you can put everything together! Put the inner part into the frame and use the nails on the back to hold it together. I didn’t nail the inner part down, but hammered the nails horizontally into the frame, so the inner part would hold, but I can take it apart again in the future (if my taste changes again *lol*)!

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder by Nachtschwinge

And you’re done! :) Now you can hang it wherever you want and use the pins to hang your earrings. For the frame I chose colours that matched our new bedroom’s color scheme, also bought some small golden frames and filled them with artwork I love :)

DIY project: upcycled frame as a jewellery holder by Nachtschwinge

Resources: big frame (fleamarket), small frames (Nanunana), card “When you love what you have…” (Studio Calico PL kit; background paper also Studio Calico), artwork “You can keep Mr Grey,..” (free printable from Polka Dot Creative; adorned with golden paint splatters), free commercial card, small mirror (H&M Home)

Hope you liked this little project! I’ve got another one that needs to be finished before I can show you ;)

If you’re making your own jewellery frame, I’d love to see it! Let me know in the comments!

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend!
xoxo Sandra


Why I’m not making any resolutions this year and what I’m making instead..

Yes, I’ve come to the point (maybe it’s a matter of age?) that I don’t “believe” in resolutions any more…you wanna know why?

Resolutions versus Goals

Here’s why: to me resolutions are totally different to goals!

We mostly resolve to NOT do something anymore…like “I will STOP smoking” or “I will NOT binge-eat this year”. These are things we have actually enjoyed in the past and it’s hard to give up such habits…so if we say such resolutions we’re in a negative mindset.

Also with such kinds of resolutions it’s usually a “hit or miss” kind of thing…black or white…so as soon as you’re smoking another cigarette you have failed your resolution, which often ends in giving up that resolution as a whole…

So instead of making resolutions I’m setting myself goals this year! When I read this amazing post by Elise the other day, it hit me straight in the face…I’m always striving for perfection…and it’s actually holding me back because I’m so afraid to fail that I’m never even starting!! This is going to change NOW. Progress over perfection! That’s my motto for 2015! So I’m setting myself some goals…

Goals that can be divided into smaller steps along the way…and here are my “big goals”  as well as some steps that come to my mind:

  1. Earn money as a photographer: arrange my studio, finish my website, learn everything I can (from Karen and other sources), shoot friends/family for my portfolio, get a licence, get paying clients,..
  2. Live healthier: buy less sugary things, buy fresh vegetables, cook with my steam oven, find some kind of sport activity I actually enjoy and start doing it,..
  3. Finish our home: Baseboards, lamps, doors, studio, shelfs for the heating room, everything needs to be stored away, Cupboards for the smaller bathroom, finish the master bathroom, cupboards for the mudroom,..
  4. Live fully: be present, set aside time with my hubby, invite friends and family, write little love notes, go on outings, baby planning ;)

Even if I don’t meet my big goals in 2015, I’ll improve in so many ways and that’s more than ok with me! 1 small step is all it takes!

So tell me: what do you think about resolutions? Yaye or nay?

Wishing you all the best for this new year!
xoxo Sandra

Goodbye 2014, welcome 2015!

So with this post I’m officially back!! Yessssss!!! :D

What an amazing, exciting, stressfull roller coaster year it has been! Can’t believe it’s over already!!

So what happened since my last posting?

On the 28th of November we got the news that the screed was dry enough to start the flooring, so we started off straight away with the Vinyl flooring of the main areas….


Finished the ground floor within 2 days, so our kitchen maker could bring all the boxes and start building!


While we did some more flooring upstairs…


From December 5th to 7th we managed to finish the laminate flooring in the bedrooms, the tile flooring in the heating room as well as all the cleaning with a lot of help from my family! (no pictures of that unfortunately, I was too busy working!)

So in the next week we made an SOS call to all of our friends and started the packing/moving!! This next picture was “operation: moving the couch” – we couldn’t get the couch out of the flat through the staircase hall, so we had to abseil it from the terrace…


On the 11th of December we slept in the new house for the very first time…on our matresses on the floor and with two very scared cats, but still…within 2 weeks of hard, hard work everything was finished and moved!

Since then we bought and built a lot of Ikea furniture for the office and more Ikea stuff for the walk-in-cabinet with help from my stepsisters, got the living room furniture we already had ordered and just recently found a shelf system that works for our larder… We already unpacked and organized most of the gazillion boxes we moved and already feel pretty at home now :) The cats also start feeling comfortable now and find new places each day to occupy ;)

cats2 cats1

We still have some work to do like finish the master bathroom (which is still a mess), buy and fix the baseboards, as well as find, buy and install lamps – which is hell because I can’t find any lamps I like!!

So we won’t get bored soon *lol* When everything is ready and done, I’ll show you around and do a little photo tour! :)

Guess that’s enough for today! I’ll be back with some goals for 2015 because big things are in the planning!! :D

Hope your new year started really good!!!

xoxo Sandra

P.S.: Totally forgot, I really want to do a 365 challenge this year, so if you’re interested in following this challenge, you can follow me on instagram! :)

An easy yet delicious weekend dessert..

On my goal list for June is the point “try a new recipe”, which I can mark as checked for sure. I tried 5 or 6 new recipes actually, the last one being this awesome little dessert I want to show you today!

no bake blueberry cheesecake in a jar - by nachtschwinge

What this is, you ask? Well, this, my friends, officially is a “no bake blueberry cheesecake in a jar”. To be clear, it’s my slightly altered  version of this awesome recipe from “Life, Love and Sugar” (an amazing food blog I came across recently).

The original recipe uses key limes as the only “fruit” which I knew was impossible for me. First because I couldn’t get any key limes *lol* and second because I wanted to incorporate blueberries :) Furthermore, I didn’t have any vanilla at home and we don’t use readymade whip in this house ;)

So this is my ingredient list (for 2 jars):

  • 1/2 package of cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup of cream
  • lemon juice to taste
  • sugar to taste
  • blueberries
  • about 12 whole grain shortbreads
  • a tablespoon of butter

no bake blueberry cheesecake in a jar - by nachtschwinge

I melted the butter, combined it with the crushed shortbreads and set it aside.

Then I mixed the cream cheese, sugar and lemon juice together (just try how much sugar and lemon juice you like). Next, I had to whip the cream ;) before gently folding it in the mix, too.

I only washed the blueberries and already was ready to assemble everything! ;)

So I alternately took quaters of first the shortbread mixture, then of the cheesecake mixture and lastly the berries and placed it into the jars, doing two rounds on each one (so 6 layers per jar).

Only thing left was to let it rest in the fridge for a few hours…

no bake blueberry cheesecake in a jar - by nachtschwinge

In the evening we finally enjoyed these little jars of happiness :) Totally loved it, but I think I’m going to use other berries next time, or maybe even little shreds of apricots! <3

So if you’re ever in need of an easy and fast dessert, try out this one! :D

Have a lovely evening everyone! I’ll be back tomorrow with another layout!
xoxo Sandra