Blog-tember #21 – time for quotes!

Today’s prompt: A favorite quote/expression and how it has impacted you.

I’m costantly pinning awesome quotes, so there are a lot that I love and that touvh me on a deeper are some of them:

That’s exactly how I feel about photography/becoming a photographer…it terrifies me, makes me anxious and nervous, but at the same time I can’t stop thinking about it and it’s the best feeling to see my pictures in my friends’ homes!

That’s a thing I need to remind myself of a LOT! Because I’m a perfectionist and I HATE not knowing things or not being able to do things… Confessing this and starting to learn new things, failing on the way, is kind of hard for me…but it’s the only way to evolve and improve!

Wow, the last one was an eye opener for me. I don’t think I would have ever mentioned myself… I’m usually (like everybody else) pretty had on my self, concentrating on the things that are not good (enough) or that I’m doing wrong, I am missing or that others think of me. I need to be more easy on myself and appreciate the things I do right and good and simply that I’m ok as I am.

For more wise and/or funny quotes, you’re invited to visit my Pinterest board ;) And I’d love to read some of your favourite quotes, too!!
xoxo Sandra


Blog-tember #19 + #20 – catching up!

So I kind of fell off the bandwagon… It started with prompt #18, vlogging, which is not.gonna.happen. I hate my voice and I’m not spontanious at all, so no way, Jose!

BUT I really wanted to do prompt #19: Tell us about one of the best days of your life. Still, this past weekend has been quite busy for me. I cleaned the whole house, cooked and finished my projects with the Scrapbook Werkstatt October kit. So a little late, here comes one of my best days ever!

My wedding day - by nachtschwinge(Pictures taken by my Mum, some of the official photographer’s pictures have been posted before.)

Yes, it’s cheesy, but my wedding day is definitely in my top three of all days! :) Just looking at these pictures makes me happy and sentimental! :D

I spent the night over at my best friend’s flat and got dressed there, too, in the morning after having my hair done by my trusted hairdresser. That was the time when I realized a piece of my dress was missing, that is the part that made the corsage a little bit wider (because I’m so busty and it was quite a bit tight)… I was near to panic because I thought we’d never get the top on without that piece, but with a little help of my friend’s Dad (*lol*) we managed. I kind of held my breath for  the whole day and didn’t eat a lot, but it was worth it ;)

Well, we arrived at the little water castle (love that place!), had our first sight :) and then my Dad led me “down the aisle” (over the grass *lol*), while my special surprise – an medieval music band – played “Women of Ireland” (our favourite tune from the newest Robin Hood movies). We got married by the registrar (and my cousin) and then the party started  :) We didn’t have much of a program, but the day was really, really hot, so everyone enjoyed the cold drinks and some even dipped their toes into the water around the castle. We had to broach the cask and enjoyed the first glasses of cold beer ;)

Then my girls had us build a house of Lego bricks and do a heart (and the date) by nailing a board and then wind yarn around the nails. I found it pretty funny to watch my new husband struggle with the yarn ;)

Afterwards we went around the pond to take the official pictures – loved it there! The light was beautiful and it was so serene… We also took some pictures with the bridesmaids and groomsmen there, which was pretty fun :)

When all pictures were done, we returned to the castle and declared that it was time for dinner, which was a huge barbacue. Afterwards we had some Irish musicians play, there was a bit of dancing (not us) and we also had cocktails :) When we left, I was really, really tired, but also really, really, REALLY happy :) We spent the night at  a local hotel and had an awesome breakfast the next day before returning home.

(Looking at these pictures, my hubby looks so funny to me without stubbles *lol* He usually always has a beard or stubbles ;) )

Yeah, that was my wedding day! <3

And here also comes prompt #20: It’s guilty pleasure time! Shows, books, songs, foods, whatever it may be.

Guilty pleasures - by nachtschwinge

  • shopping, I guess? That is scarfs, cardigans, jewellery and handbags especially :)
  • music by Taylor Swift, musicals and Glee
  • the movie “Mammamia”…watching it almost everytime I cook something fancy *lol*
  • Disney movies :)
  • coffee the way my Grandma makes it: with lots of hipped cream on top!
  • a whole bag of chips with garlic dip now and then…
  • comfort food: pizza, burger, pasta, but also salad and yoghurt with fruits and cereals!
  • lots of TV shows…like Sherlock, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Musketeers, Penny Dreadful, Navy CIS,….
  • taking a bath with a good book and an even better glass of wine :)

So what are your guilty pleasures? :)
xoxo Sandra

Blog-tember #17 – obsessing :)

Today’s prompt: Just for fun, your latest obsession. What can you not get enough of these days?

By now it should be pretty clear that I’m obsessing over a lot of things: scrapbooking, photography, travelling, books, TV shows,… but one thing stands out lately…

Obsessing over my studio - by nachtschwinge

I’m obsessing over my future home studio…as you know, I’d love to be a real photographer someday and gather all the stuff I can find that could be useful for my photography.

So everytime I’m at a fleamarket or H&M changes the home goods, I look and think and most often buy new stuff…

Which is stupid because I don’t have any customers or friends who need pictures right now, but still…

I guess it’s also because I love to collect things (got that from my Mom and the obsessing thing from my Dad) and finding something cool for a good price is just awesome to me :)

So yeah, my studio still needs a lot of working on before it’s good to go, but it’s evolving at least ;)

What about you? Would love to her about your obsessions! :D
xoxo Sandra

A late Blog-tember #15 – in my bag

As promised here’s my answer to prompt #15What’s in your bag? Pick up your purse and peruse its contents, then share with us!


So I emptied today’s bag for you ;) Here’s what I found inside:

  • the cardigan I wore this morning
  • my external harddrive
  • my wallet (yes, it’s pretty big and there’s lots of stuff in it)
  • my Kindle ebook reader, which has this month’s bus ticket in it (because I always read when waiting for/going with the bus)
  • office keys
  • my mobile phone of course
  • woman’s stuff for “those days”
  • sun glasses (because it’s pretty sunny today!)
  • a folding umbrella (because you never know…)
  • gum
  • lots and lots of different lip balms (and 2 cover sticks)
  • a pocket mirror
  • some ballpens

Not pictured are my home keys (in the lock), a few bills and scattered gum ;)

You see, my bag was rather full today *lol* Looking at this picture I see that my Ipod’s missing, need to put it back in my bag again ;)
xoxo Sandra

Blog-tember #16 – real vs. online

Still going strong with Blog-tember! :)

Today’s prompt (I’m going to do yesterday’s when I get home today, wasn’t able to take a pic yesterday) : The real you vs. the online you. Are they the same or different?


The answer to that is it’s both. I mean, I’m not lying online or pretending to be a person I am not, BUT the online personality is always, ALWAYS just part of the real person. Everytime we post online, we make a conscious decision what we’re showing and that shapes the person we seem to be for others.

Starting with Instagram as a simple example: I almost always take more than one picture before editing and posting (example above), choosing the best light/angle/face. Of course, I could show you my red, wrinkled morning face without makeup, but I probably won’t..

Same goes with moods. I’m selective on when and what to write. I try not to write on social media (or very little), when I’m in a bad mood. First because I don’t want to talk bad about others or put someone off, but also because I think nobody needs to always know if I’m sad or had a quarrel or something.. Also, I try to not give the bad feelings too much attention, so I kind of hold my tongue about those things and move on.

Lastly, for me it’s a bit different, simply because I’m an introvert in real life. Actually I’m an ambivert, extroverted with people I know and feel comfortable with, but introverted with people I don’t know or in situations I don’t have under control.. So writing and expressing myself visually is so much easier for me than for example doing a live video on Persicope! Persicope is awesome, but when I try to take a video it’s like my brain (and body) freezes, leaving me speechless and awkward… When I write a blogpost or post a picture on instagram, I can think about what I want to write in advance and can prepare myself, rewrite a paragraph, if I’m not pleased and so on.. I’m in control and that fits my personality so much better than improvising ;)

So while you get 100% me online, it’s also a different part you’re getting. Some people I’ve met in real life after knowing them online for a while, told me they thought I was way more outspoken and confident. Which I am not…I’m usually rather self-conscious and unsure when around new people, so yeah ;) But if I recognize you as a kindred soul, I also warm up pretty quick :)

That’s about it, I guess. What about you?
xoxo Sandra