Five on Friday ***06.27***

TGIF! :) So time for sharing some articles/blogposts I came across recently!


  1. This (German) recipe of a poppy seed flower bread by Vera sound so good!! And the pictures she takes are just beautiful! Need to improve my food photography skills, too! :)
  2. Fishtails!! Totally love the look of them, but can’t for my life do it!! Well, couldn’t…going to try this tutorial for 4 basic Fishtail styles soon! Looks do-able the way Abby explains it!
  3. Love this short blogpost by the amazing Jasmine Star where she explains why she’s doing what she’s doing!! Such a simple answer, yet so meaningful!
  4. I’m always on the lookout for articles about improving my blogging, so this blogpost by Elise is a hit! :) Bonus plus point for it being from Elise, because she’s one of my alltime fave bloggers! ;)
  5. I may not be a professional photographer, but this amazing blogpost about curating a follow-worthy Instagram still gets me on so many different levels! Truely inspiring!

So hope your Friday is a short one work-wise :) I’m going to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch (with my workmates) and I’m already curious if it’s my taste! ;)
xoxo Sandra

My Vienna trip and five on Friday ***06.06***

So, of course, I coulnd’t make it yesterday, because I was busy partying with the group *lol* But I don’t want to get ahead of the story ;)

I went to Vienna yesterday with my department chief and one of my workmates to attend a community meeting at the FH Technikum Vienna (an university of applied sciences). We spent the day talking about a software we and some other universities are sharing, modifying and enhancing. Goal was to find ways to interact and share better, to be able to develop new things together and so on….

FH Technikum Wien view

View from the 7th floor of the Technikum Vienna :) You can even see the famous Ferris wheel on the left if you look closely. (Click to enlarge)

Afterwards we went to our hotel, the Austria Trend Hotel Messe Wien, and checkd in. We were welcomed by this little gifts in our rooms…

Austria Trend Hotel gift

I don’t know if you know these, but these are “Manner Schnitten” (waffles made by a company called Manner), which are pretty famous for Austria and they’re delicious, too ;)

I freshed up a bit, changed my clothes and marvelled over the cool view I had from my hotel room window….

Hotel room view

View from my room at the Austria Trend Hotel Messe Wien (Click to enlarge)

When everyone was ready, we called a cab and told the driver to bring us to our party/dinner location, a beach bar called Wake Up… But this request ended in an Odyssee because the driver had no clue where that bar was and his navigation device couldn’t find the address of the bar either….omg…. In the end we let him drive us to an underground station near the bar and went from there on foot ;)

The bar was awesome, directly at the “beach” of the Danube and very open. I totally forgot to take a picture while the sun was still up, but you can look at the homepage of the beach bar to get an impression…

We had drinks and after a while there was a big buffet with all kind of grilled food….yum…everything was really good and we had a lot of fun, too, talking to the guys from the other universities.

Beach Bar Wake Up

My workmate, my department chief and the guy from the Technikum Vienna, who had organized everything :)

Our evening finally ended around 11:30p.m. and we went back to the hotel. I fell into my bed dead tired and slept through until my alarm rang in the early morning…

Lobby of the Austria Trend Hotel Messe Wien

Hotel Lobby of the Austria Trend Hotel Messe Wien. Took this picture while waiting for my workmates to arrive for breakfast ;)

On the next day we just had breakfast in the hotel and then headed back to St. Poelten to get back to work as usual ;)

That’s as far as my trip went..we had a lot of fun and made new connections to other universities… Hope to be able to go again next year, as this community meeting will be made into an annual event now :)

Besides my little report from the trip I also owe you my “Five on Friday” feature…haven’t done it for a while and the awesome blogposts are piling up in my feedreader, so here we go!!

  1. Kate posted a lovely DIY for painted bowls recently. So simple, yet so darn pretty!!! Only would love to have a version that can be put into the dish washer! ;) (Also, this Bobby Pins Basics video by Kate gave a huge AHA moment!!)
  2. Another great tutorial is this Ombre Nails tutorial by Abby! I’m still a little sceptical wether it’s really that easy and not a big mess, but I’m wanting to try! :)
  3. I simply love this article by Christina Greve about price-shopping clients and charging for your work!!!
  4. You  might know by now that I adore Jasmine Star and her blogposts when she’s answering problems/questions by her readers are just amazing, comforting and awesome :) This one, where she’s talking about self doubt and haters, is no exception !
  5. Wilna does wonderful things with paper and paint and in this blogpost she’s sharing a layout video about layering with cut files and so on  (had to get those cut files right away!) <3
  6. It’s just plain awesome when someone’s not just sharing how wonderful his life is, but also the downsides, the bad days, the problems….and everytime someone does that, I want to give them a heads up :) It’s SO good to know we’re not alone with these problems… Karen recently wrote a bit about her current state of thought and why and how she kind of escaped for a few days to become her self again…totally love that! Keep blogging real! :)
  7. And last, but not least, a beautiful little mini album by Magda about the everyday! Love the airy feeling of it and want to do one myself! :)

Phew, this was a long post ;) Hope your day is awesome!!!
xoxo Sandra

A late Five on Friday – blogs I love to read

So I fell asleep on the couch again, being totally knocked out *lol*….

Anyway, this time “Five on Friday” is about posting 5 blogs that I love to read….what does this mean to me?

Well, I usually read/browse my list of blogs in the early morning while drinking my first coffee….in a hurry *lol* But when I notice blog posts of some special people, I often press the “keep unread”v button and save them for later when I have time to really read them and maybe write a comment, too… Of course, you’re asking now which blogs fall under this category! Here they come (there are more than 5, but these first came to my mind)!

1. Stephanie Howell from “Just me, my soldier and our 4 little chicks

Been following her forever. Actually, I can remember when it was only Harper, her oldest girl ;) Just love her. Her blog is just real, her scrapbooking style is simple, but beautiful, she’s an awesome Mama to her daughters, her love is shining through each and every sentence she writes and yeah…I’m just a big fan :) And it’s so cool she’s in Italy at the moment because of her husband being stationed there. It’s so cool to see Europe through her eyes now :)

2. Karen Russell from “My life…just not on the road I expected (but it’s  still dang good).

I still remember when Karen was designing scrapbooking products that i loved, but now it’s all about her family and her love for photography. To me it seems like I know her family, I love to take part in their trips and adventures by looking at Karen’s photos….and I love that she’s real, too, writing not only about the good times, but also about the challenges of being a Mum, not being perfect and so on…while you can see that her family is plain awesome and that her oldest son (who she raised as a single Mum for a longer time) turned out like every mother could wish for: respecting, loving and caring. :)

3. Elise Blaha Cripe from “enJOY it

Another blog I’ve been following for years ;) To me Elise is the personification of creativity, she’s constantly realising new ideas, doing things she’s never done before and everything she does is plain awesome! Her blog is pure inspiration and there are several of her project on my to do list!! Also followed her journey as a new Mum and love how she’s documenting her feelings and everything that happens concerning her daughter :)

4. Marcy Penner from “Hello Forever

Totally adore her light and clean scrapbooking style, as well as her photography! Often pinning her new projects right to my Pinterest boards when I see them *lol* Also love her “Workspace Wednesday” when she’s sharing glimpses of her creative organisation/chaos ;)

5. Christina Greve

What can I say? She’s an amazing photographer from Denmark (but I think she’s secretly French *gg*), mainly doing bodouir and portrait sessions, but also beautiful still life shots… I especially love her blog posts when she’s sharing pieces of advice or how tos about photography which she does regularly. I also took part in her workshop before and loved it!


So these are some of my favourite blogs, hope you’re following some of them, too! ;)

And I also have another birthday card to show (just so there’s a picture in this post *lol*):


I’m counting the 3 cards I did as layout number 11 for my challenge, by the way…just becuase I hate doing cards *lol*

Have  a nice Saturday everyone!! I’ll be back in the evening with my photo journalling of today! :)
xoxo Sandra

Five on Friday ***08.05.***

Again, it’s time to share 5 things with you that caught my eye this week!

1. A little late for Mother’s day, but I really adore these DIY cloud-shaped soap pieces! Would be a cute present, indeed!

2. This dreamy maternity session at the beach by Rachel Absher is just SO beautiful! I dream of getting a beach session myself when I’m pregnant, but since the beach is far away, I don’t really think this will happen…

3. I’d never have thought of doing Yoga with kids, but watching Amanda’s girls do it  looks really fun and I guess it’s a nice “together” thing, too… So have to keep this in mind for the future! :D

4. There’s a new creative magazine out there on the web, that is “Chasing Dreams” made by Magda and a lot of other amazing artists. The magazine is featuring quite a lot of different creative ideas, DIY and so on.. A great inspiration and just the right thing to read this weekend! :)

5. Alex wrote about a meditation technique by Wayne Dyer helped her feeling happier and more powerful this week. I went on Youtube and found it here, now I’m determined to try this out! I also stumbled over this video of him talking about finding one’s purpose, which I have to listen to soon! Basically it’s all about the law of attraction/intention, that pretty much flows my boat, but that I have to practise a lot more!!

And just for fun, a pic I took yesterday evening for Kristin’s Instagram hashtag thingie #thursday3 :)


And the 3 things I shared where:

 1. I’m dead tired because of the match yesterday and staying up till almost 2..

2. thinking about what to do for mother’s day, probably a nice DIY.

3. I’m a little frustrated that the construction company hasn’t started on our house yet :(

Join in on the fun! Details about this on Kristin’s blog!

Have a nice Friday everyone! The weekend is awaiting us! ;)
xoxo Sandra

Five on Friday ***02.05.*** and my cup (Blogging every day in May #2)

Good morning everyone! :)

Before I’m sharing last week’s five posts that hit me, I’m going to use today’s prompt by Sunday: in my cup

As each and every day it’s filled with coffee…my first one today actually ;) And you can also see the PL chaos around itr..I’m currently working on my spread for April and hope to finish it soon..

So far so good, now to my Friday five:

1. How awesome (and rather easy to make) is this chevron wall from Mandi?! I don’t think we can buy such paint Sharpies here in Austria, but this post really makes me want to try something like this in the house someday….maybe for the office…or a kid’s room…

2. I’m so in love with Manda’s Project Life spreads!!! Her style is so simple (not much text, mostly pictures), but her talent for design and photography make her pages pop!!!

3. This answer by Jasmine got me thinking… There’s someone from my past who’s already living my dream, which is making money with my photography and I’m quite envious of him…But I need to change my mindset and this article helped lots!! Really appreciate Jasmine answering all these questions / problems by us readers, she’s amazing!! ;)

4. This article by Christina is for everyone who’s interested in shooting RAW, but never had the guts!! :) It’s a beginner’s guide and it covers each topic that might come up!! I’ve been using RAW ever since I got my first DSLR and while it’s a bit more of work afterwards, it brings so many more possibilities!!! Just try it!!

5. This week’s Studio Calico “Start to Finish” video from Marcy Penner is so inspiring! I adore Marcy’s style and love to see how she’s putting together her layouts!! She’s also explaining how she’s altering a cut file to match her needs, which is pretty fab, too! So go and watch it! :)

Well, that’s it for today!! I have to get myself dressed now to do some grocery shopping and also some shopping for May’s creative projects :)
Have an awesome Friday! Weekend’s on the way!!
xoxo Sandra