Blog-tember #17 – obsessing :)

Today’s prompt: Just for fun, your latest obsession. What can you not get enough of these days?

By now it should be pretty clear that I’m obsessing over a lot of things: scrapbooking, photography, travelling, books, TV shows,… but one thing stands out lately…

Obsessing over my studio - by nachtschwinge

I’m obsessing over my future home studio…as you know, I’d love to be a real photographer someday and gather all the stuff I can find that could be useful for my photography.

So everytime I’m at a fleamarket or H&M changes the home goods, I look and think and most often buy new stuff…

Which is stupid because I don’t have any customers or friends who need pictures right now, but still…

I guess it’s also because I love to collect things (got that from my Mom and the obsessing thing from my Dad) and finding something cool for a good price is just awesome to me :)

So yeah, my studio still needs a lot of working on before it’s good to go, but it’s evolving at least ;)

What about you? Would love to her about your obsessions! :D
xoxo Sandra

My 365 challenge – a photo a day 2015

Yes, I’m commited to do this challenge! I’ve set myself a reminder on my phone each day and I’m also following the daily prompts from “the bethadilly challenge”, so the first  (half) week of the year was good!


01 – resolutions (I want to transform this room into my studio)
02 – new (our new house <3 )
03 – my outfit today (just yoga pants and a shirt)
04 – red (the red British phone cell I brought back from England)

So much for the first week!
xoxo Sandra

Hello baby boy…and my big news :)

Now this title could be a little misleading….no, I’m not pregnant at all *lol* But more on my news later…

First comes the “Hello baby boy” part…which is a new layout actually :)

Hello baby boy  (detail 1) - by nachtschwinge

I’ve got to say straight forward that the design of this page is like totally not my idea…I did this layout for the “Lift the person above me” challenge at Studio Calico and picked this amazing layout by Pam Baldwin as a lift starter. Love her layout and really love my version of it, too :)

Hello baby boy  (detail 2) - by nachtschwinge

So this layout is a bit more straight and cleaner than my usual ones *lol* I used a lot of scraps I had and golden and wooden accents that I love.

Hello baby boy  - by nachtschwinge

By the way, this boy is my oldest friend’s youngest son Matthias :) I had the pleasure of shooting a little newborn shoot for them and totally adore this little one :)Well, that’s about the on to my news…meet my new baby:

my new baby

Yes!! I’ve got a new camera!!! Thanks to the best Mum in the world, to be exact! :) I have been talking about me probably needing a new camera soon because my “old” Nikon D70 has gotten some spleens recently and I’m afraid it will just stop working one soon day… But I guess after like 7 years it’s ok for it to be worn out *lol*  So yeah, that’s my big happy news! :D Can’t wait to really work with it and shoot a “real” shooting again! :)

Hope you have an awesome Friday! Would love to hear from you! ;)
xoxo Sandra


Playing catch up: my dream job

Oh wow…that’s a hard one… See, really like my job, but I think  to a big part it’s because of my team and because it’s local ;)

I like being a programmer, even though I always wanted to go more in the direction of a web designer, but that’s ok ;)

It isn’t my dream job though…and web designer isn’t it either..

I think my dream job would be a combination of Mum/photographer/blogger/DIYer….I’d love to be flexible, so I could spend time with my children (in the future, when I have some *lol*)…while working partly from home, but also going places for photo shoots.

In the beginning I thought I wanted to be a wedding photographer…and while I still love weddings, I don’t like the stress and the monsterly huge responsibilty…the fear of messing up the pictures makes me freeze when I think about it…no..

But I’d love to do what I already do for my best friends…newborn and family shoots…

These kind of shoots (as well as engagement and senior shoots)are so common in America, but not at all common here in Austria…and I think that’s kind of sad…

Time goes by so fast and we so seldom get into the picture as a whole family…and there’s nothing better than a picture where you can see the love people have for each other shine through :D

Yes, that’s what I’d love to do. Go outside and have fun with familes, doing picnics or visiting a zoo or just go to the playground :)

But it’s not easy to realise this dream. First, because of the law and insurances and such here, and second, because I don’t feel “ready”. I’m still really, really self conscious when it comes to my abilities…and that’s a problem I need to overcome..

Anyway, so that’s it ;) Hope you have a nice evening, I think I’m going to bed now ;)
xoxo Sandra

A fave pic of me and a little Project Life

Today’s prompt for “Blog every day in May” is to blog a favourite picture of oneself…well, that’s not difficult for me :)

This is one of my current faves, taken during the shoot for my “About” page…

Nerd - by nachtschwinge

It’s just so typically me :D Really, really like this one! :)

And I’m so overdue to show you some Project Life *lol* that I thought today would be a good day to start to catch up! So here comes January!


I did two full spreads in January, whereas the protector on the right is filled with pictures and prompts concerning OLW only and the other two pages are the usual stuff :)


The first page’s about celebrating the new year, my Stabilo review, the cheesecake I baked for my office because of the guys repairing my computer and finally a workshop I went to in Vienna (job-related).


As I said the insert’s about my OLW “tackle” and the prompts Ali Edwards gave us in the class for January. I vowed to tackle bread baking, so that’s why the buns are there, too :)


Used another colour scheme for the second spread, more pink and girly ;)


Second page of the OLW theme, again with journalling prompts, the blood test I tackled, a Pinterest project I did and another bread baking try.


And the last page is about some teaching I did (job-related), a movie I saw (which was really good), some happy mail I got in January and our f***ed up clogged pipes we had to take apart and wash out by hand…ugh!!

That’s it for now! Hope your week is a good one so far! :D
xoxo Sandra