Yes, it’s Friday again!! Weekend is calling already and I’m also looking forward to this evening, because of my team’s Christmas party :) But now on to the Friday Filler from Scrap Impulse:

1.  Um sicherzugehen, dass ich nichts vergesse, hab ich mir angewöhnt, Listen zu schreiben *listenfreak*.

2.  Ich mag bei Scrapbooking-Papier total oft lieber die Muster auf der Rückseite.

3.  Es ist nie zu spät für den ersten Schritt.

4.  Was für ein Wunder in positiver und negativer Hinsicht ist doch der Mensch.

5. Adventskalender macht mir ja leider keiner einen, also mach ich einen für meinen Mann.

6.  Unter der Woche mal früher nach Hause gehen ist eine feine Sache.

7. Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf die Weihnachtsfeier mit meinen Männern, morgen habe ich Hausarbeit und Scrapbooking geplant und Sonntag möchte ich den Nachmittag mit meinen Mädels und den Kindern genießen!

And because most of you only speak English… ;)

1.  To make sure  I don’t forget anything I formed the habit of writing lists *listfreak*.

2.  Concerning scrapbooking paper, I often prefer the patterns on the “back”.

3.  It’s never too late to take the first step.

4.  What a wonder the human is in positive and negative ways.

5. Nobody’s making an Advent calendar for me, so I’m making one for my husband..

6.  To go home early during the week is a nice thing to do.

7. Speaking about the weekend, this evening I’m looking forward to the Christmas party with my men, tomorrow I plan to do some cleaning and scrapbooking and on Sunday I want to enjoy the afternoon with my girls!

Hope your Friday is a good one – which means a short one work-wise ;)
xoxo Sandra

3 comments to TGIF ;)

  • Beth

    That sounds like fun! Thanks for replying!

  • Beth

    What do you make for an Advent Calendar? I bought one at Starbucks that has 25 little tins that are magnetic. They stick to a magnetic chalkboard, and each one has a pice of candy in it. My plan is to also put a little number in each one. The number will correspond to a little wrapped gift (maybe a packet of cookies, or some little holiday item, wrapped and put in a basket under our tree. Each will have a tag attached with a bible verse appropriate to this season.

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