Valentine’s dinner and a layout

Good morning!! (Well, actually it’s almost 11a.m already, but I slept in today and I’m not up long *lol*)

So how did you spend Valentine’s eve? As planned I cooked a special meal for my hubby. Starter, main course and dessert :)

3 new recipes I accumulated over the week, all from other bloggers!! And these I want to share with you today! (And afterwards there’s also a new layout ;) )

Bacon-wrapped Halloumi on corn salad (starter)

The original recipe is from my fellow Austrian blogger Christiane who’s running the blog “Rosa Pfeffer”. It’s in German, so a lot of you won’t understand, but it’s pretty easy. The only fancy thing is the dressing made of balsamic creme vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, dijon mustard and a little bit sugar. It’s awesome and super easy and fast to make!! Totally loved it and will definitely do this again!

Jalapeno Popper Chicken (main course)

When I stumbled over this recipe from “Elly says opa!” on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to try it!! It’s like the opposite way of making “Schnitzel”…roasting the panko before applying it to the chicken *lol* I paired it with oven potatoes (which wasn’t the choice in review) and roasted veggies :) I loved the cheese filling and think about changing the recipe a bit the next time … But a thumps up for sure!

Mascarpone – Blueberry towers

*lol* You probably think “Why on earth are these called towers?!” and you’d be right. My phyllo didn’t rise as intended, but I just went with it and they were delicious!! :D Again, pretty simple, but awesome! The recipe is from Tina’s blog “Tina’s Tausenschön”. Again, a German blogger ;) but the recipe is easy and short, so you probably can consult online translators :D

Well, this has been our dinner yesterday! We really enjoyed it and had a nice, peaceful evening…


Anyway, let’s come to the second part of my post, which is a new layout!!!

I think it was inspired by a sketch challenge at Studio Calico, but I don’t really remember *lol* But the design isn’t something I’d normally do, so it has to come from someone else ;)

I used some of my beloved enamel dots this time as well as the lovely “girl” flair I got in a SC kit and the wood veneer circle and arrow stamp  from Kellie’s Stamps <3

I took this picture the day of my team’s Christmas dinner because I got all dressed up and styled differently to what I usually look like. Curls and red lipstick are reserved for special events *lol*

Hope you like today’s post and have a nice Saturday! I’ll be back tomorrow with the winners of my little Stabilo giveaway!
xoxo Sandra

P.S. It took me until after 1p.m to finish this post off, so don’t wonder at the “good morning” in the beginning *lol*

2 comments to Valentine’s dinner and a layout

  • Liebe Sandra,

    ich habe deinen Beitrag gestern schon gesehen, aber komme leider heute erst dazu dir zu schreiben. Es freut mich, dass mein Rezept geschmeckt hat ;) Das ganze Menü sieht köstlich aus und dein Liebster war bestimmt begeistert.

    Liebe Grüße,

  • Das Essen sieht wirklich köstlich aus, da bekomme ich gleich Hunger! Hoffentlich sah das dein Mann genauso ;-)

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