She’s doing it again!!

Yes. I decided to challenge myself for another round of “50 layouts before scrapping again” (actually I’m thinking about doing 100, but we’ll see)!

You ask why?

Well, I got a huge delivery from “Die Scrapbook Werkstatt” this week with tons of CHA goodies via a coupon I got for Christmas. This means I have enough new papers for at least 50 layouts *lol*

But it’s also because I loved and still love the challenge! Doing 50 layouts from my stash made think differently, try new things and it was just fun!!

And, of course, it’s also because of money issues. All my money will be saved for our house plans, which is a good thing. :)

So this means all layouts (and cards and PL spreads) from now on will count.

No shopping until I hit 50.

Exception: cardstock and adhesives.

Plus I’m also keeping my Studio Calico PL subscription – because I love it and because it is my Mum’s Christmas gift to me :)

And because I hate to post without pictures, here’s layout #1 already!!

This layout is a very special one. Because of the techniques used and the topic… First, the techniques.  I went to my local art supply store in January and got myself (besides other lovely things) watercolour crayons (you know, like very cheap Gelatos). When I got home, I wanted to try them on the spot *lol* So I just went for it..and I kind of liked the result even though I’m really not the mixed media kind of scrapper *lol*

The second technique I used is Molding Paste ( from Golden Gel Mediums). I only had used Gesso before and oh my, I love the Paste so much more!! It’s so awesome to use!!! And it doesn’t make my page all that heavy and unflexible! Pure love! :) Used it with a lovely 6×6 feather stencil designed by Ronda Palazzari <3

And the topic. Well, photographing it is :) It’s one of the things I really, really, REALLY love to do and I’d love to spend more time on it, growing my talents and maybe even earn a little money from it… That’s a bif wish for this and the next years!

Also used a lot of stamps, printouts and accents, especially golden ones! :) Just love it!

So hope your Friday is awesome and that you’re already in “weekend mode” by now ;)
xoxo Sandra


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