A lovely comment and my Project Life for February

So today’s prompt of the “Blog every day in May” challenge would be to write about a good or controversial blog comment I got, but I decided to write about one that simply means a lot to me…which is this one..


Written by Kellie :) And why does it mean a lot to me? Because I feel the same :) You know, I’m kind of Kellie’s fan, but I also really, really like her and I think we’d get along wonderfully if we lived in the same town (or at least on the same continent *lol*).

So yeah, this is the comment I’m sharing with you ;)

Besides this, I also have my PL spread from February today!

Monthly PL spread: February 2014  - by nachtschwinge

My February was about Valentine’s Day, of course, but also about Olympia and lots of other things…

Monthly PL spread: February 2014 (left part) - by nachtschwinge

So the left part of the spread is about my planning and cooking for the 14th :) I’m pretty proud of my meal, so I wanted to include that. But there was also my cat Kyra that gave me a nice scratch in the face when jumping over me, an invitation to my workmate’s 40th birthday party and some shopping ;)

Monthly PL spread: February 2014 (right part) - by nachtschwinge

On the right side I included two winter pictures that I love, the results from my blood test (in the sheer envelope on the top left), my workmates watching Olympia in the office ;) and the fact that I really liked “American Hustle”, even though I thought I wouldn’t *lol*

Hope you liked this spread and that you’re already in “weekend mode” like me! :)
xoxo Sandra

1 comment to A lovely comment and my Project Life for February

  • Oh really me! Thank you so much, I am so touched that my comment was the one chosen for the topic! And I agree, if we could at least live on the same continent, we would be catching up over coffee. But I guess for now we make do with the internet, where we would had never met in first place had it not been for blogging and the internet.

    Your pages as always Sandra are amazing.

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