My new free PL card set “bookworm” and my plans for the upcoming week..

So first of all, I’ve designed a new PL card set!! Whooot! I I really don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but I love these cards, it’s definitely my fave card set so far :)

Free PL card set "bookworm" by nachtschwinge

If you also like this set, you can download it here :) I’d love to see your spreads, if you’re using them!

Credits for some free graphics I used:
Graphic on the “librocubicularist” card from “We lived happily ever after” here.
Circle graphic on the “the stories we love best” card from “We lived happily ever after” here.
Arrow graphic on the “books turn muggles into wizards” card from “We lived happily ever after” here.
Some background textures from Web Texture.

And there’s also today’s blogging prompt, “a list for the week ahead”. So this are my plans for the next days, while my husband’s away (he’s working a huge garden project almost 2 hours away and got a room there for the week)…

  • Meeting my girls on Monday for dinner and probably a movie :D
  • I got a day off on Friday, so it’s a 4 day-weekend :)
  • Doing my PL for May
  • Cleaning the flat (it’s time!!)
  • Doing the DIY project I planned for this weekend, but that never got done *lol*

So just a usual week, nothing fancy ;)

Hope your weekend has been nice so far! The weather lately is awesome, I hope to catch some tan soon! :)
xoxo Sandra

2 comments to My new free PL card set “bookworm” and my plans for the upcoming week..

  • Verna

    OH MY GOSH, you are amazingly talented and generous. Thank You so much for these awesome PL card set and for FREE!! I mean are you kidding, these are better than some of my PAID PL set which is sad :( I live in NZ so our options are limited to buy but I’m sure creative people design their own and probably charge an arm and a leg for it.

    If you haven’t guessed I’m flabbergasted that you have provided these and other PL cards for free and they are amazing.

    YOU ROCK!! and THANK YOU…oh I said that already…..

  • Oh these freebies are RAD Sandra! Being that I am reading a lot again I will definitely be using some, thank you! Sharing also on my blog later this week in a post.

    YOU can do your list! I would love to see all the creative ones in a blog post next week, haha, giving you a challenge there, lol!

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