For the love of vintage (fleamarket finds and such)

If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably know by now I’m an avid fleamarket goer ;) I love all things old, rustic, vintage, shabby,..! And I’m always on the lookout for awesome bargains, may it be on real fleamarkets or on the net..and I really, really envy you Americans for Craigslist, because there isn’t something truly similar here..

Anyway, today I want to share with you some of the finds I already scored this year! :D


Went to a fleamarket strictly for women in April, where I found a few accessoires, but my main bargain was this brand new Diana F+!! :) I wanted to try Lomo photography for a while now, but never wanted to buy it new because for a “toy” it’s not that cheap… On this fleamarket though, I found it for 25€!!! Awesome price and the seller seemed to be happy to have found someone who knows what it actually is (Lomography isn’t that popular in Austria) and who values it. So just perfect! Haven’t had the time to play with it yet (still need to buy a film), but I still love it! ;)


On the fleamarket of our local pet shelter (twice a year) I found these beautiful Pyrex bowl in an amazingly good condition!!! And price was unbeliebable to me, too! Only 6€ for the whole set! I know Pyrex stuff mainly from American bloggers and Etsy, but you usually can’t find it here in Austria…I was SO happy when I did :)


On the same day I also found this beautiful lamp :) The lampshade is blotchy unfortunately, but I plan on doing a little DIY to make it pretty again :) Hope to find a nice place for it in our future home!


My Mum and I also try to visit little home fleamarkets and garage sales, when we stumble over an announcement :) Found this cute glass cube thing on one of those…it was pretty dirty, but after some cleaning and some decorating, I really love it now!


Well, this is my most recent bargain! An old chandelier like my Grandma had :) I knew I had to get one for our future bedroom and when I came across an advertisement on an Austrian selling page for 65€ (and in my town!!), I immediatly wrote an email to the owner and fetched it the next day! :) So, so happy about this one! :D

What about you? Do you like vintage stuff? Or do you prefer new store bought goods? Any recent finds? :) Would love to hear!

Hope you have a nice Saturday everyone!
xoxo Sandra

3 comments to For the love of vintage (fleamarket finds and such)

  • wow das sind ja echt tolle Funde…

  • All your finds are absolutely amazing! You know I have had that camera on my wish list for EVER. And like you didn’t want to pay so much for something that is advertised as a toy, and with all the reviews that are mixed of good and bad I am so lost on if it’s actually worth it. So I will await your review :) And of course a bargain price, lol!

  • cooles Sachen hast du da ergattert ! die Schuesseln sind suoer schoen und ich bin schon gespannt was du aus der Tischlampe machen wirst!!!!

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