Five on Friday ***06.27***

TGIF! :) So time for sharing some articles/blogposts I came across recently!


  1. This (German) recipe of a poppy seed flower bread by Vera sound so good!! And the pictures she takes are just beautiful! Need to improve my food photography skills, too! :)
  2. Fishtails!! Totally love the look of them, but can’t for my life do it!! Well, couldn’t…going to try this tutorial for 4 basic Fishtail styles soon! Looks do-able the way Abby explains it!
  3. Love this short blogpost by the amazing Jasmine Star where she explains why she’s doing what she’s doing!! Such a simple answer, yet so meaningful!
  4. I’m always on the lookout for articles about improving my blogging, so this blogpost by Elise is a hit! :) Bonus plus point for it being from Elise, because she’s one of my alltime fave bloggers! ;)
  5. I may not be a professional photographer, but this amazing blogpost about curating a follow-worthy Instagram still gets me on so many different levels! Truely inspiring!

So hope your Friday is a short one work-wise :) I’m going to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch (with my workmates) and I’m already curious if it’s my taste! ;)
xoxo Sandra

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