Lots to tell..

…and lots to show ;)

Let’s start with the Designtage from the ScrapQueens in Mörbisch! The weekend – as I anticipated – was just awesome all the way! The weather was sunny all the time, the workshops were interesting and fun, the photography workshop was really cool and the teachers really nice! Loved every minute of it! And I can show you the 3 layouts I did.. the 2 minis aren’t quite ready yet, but will be soon ;)

These two layouts were done following instructions by Marianne Hope, who also taught the photography workshop (and made me want an Iphone SO BAD!! *lol*).. Love her style and personality, she’s one of those people who seem to shine from within! :)

And the third layout was taught by Gudrun Loennecken. I especially loved the mini she taught, but that’s a thing for another day *gg*

Next up is the “Freitagsfüller“:

1. Heute ist es richtig heiß draußen für Ende September .

2.  Schnelle Gerichte koche ich momentan am liebsten .

3.  Ich möchte mir gerne möglichst bald die BigShot mit Prägefoldern von Tim Holtz kaufen.

4. Momentan kommen so viele Dinge in meinem Leben in Gang und ich bin froh darüber.

5. Wenn ich an Weihnachten denke fühl ich mich immer wieder wie ein kleines Kind *gg* .

6.  Mit meiner Zimmerkollegin Andrea wars auf den Designtagen total witzig.

7. Was das Wochenende angeht, heute Abend freue ich mich auf Fußball , morgen habe ich Polsterüberzüge-Nähen geplant und Sonntag möchte ich mal wieder richtig kochen !

And last, but not least, two more layouts. The first one’s for the current STMG-challenge and it’s about how I can’t explain the feeling being engaged :) Loved the song, by the way: “Still” from Jupiter Jones <3

And this one’s about a habit I have *lol* When I’m travelling with a group I tend to always run up front to get some good shots without people in it. This amy seem rude to the guides sometimes, but that’s just me.. I’d rather getting a good shot than hearing about the 100. church’s history *lol*

That’s it for now! See ya soon!

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