Blog-tember #6 – fashion!

Prompt of the day: Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?

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That’s pretty much how I’d like to be dressed – casual chic, I’d say, with a hint of humour/weirdness (And yes, that’s totally Princess Kate! Love her style!!). And my wardrobe has a lot of these things:

  • Maxi skirts and dresses – love ’em!! <3 Though this summer has been so hot, I’ve been living in short dresses, it seems..
  • Jeans – my no.1 pants choice, probably wearing it more than 80% of the time, when it’s colder
  • Shirts with cool/funny/nerdy quotes – I need more fandom shirts in my life!!
  • Blazers and cardigans – I have way too many of these, but they always fit and I mostly dress onion-style (layers!), so that’s perfect!
  • Handbags and scarfs – ok, I have to admit, I cannot pass a beautiful purse or scarf..just cannot…That’s my personal fetish, maybe because I HATE buying shoes *lol*
  • Dots and stripes
  • Neutral colours (black, grey, brown), as well as navy, olive, mint, coral and red
  • costume jewelry (again, I have too much, but I love a nice pair of earrings or a statement necklace!)
  • Hats – I think they ae SO cool, but I don’t wear them much, because they just draw a little too much attention and since I don’t feel very confident about myself, that’s not really a things I want right now..

I’ve been shopping recently (a layout about it is in the making) and noticed that I didn’t just buy any stuff, but I bought outfits. Things that can be combined and swapped and I think that’s pretty awesome!

For the colder season I’m still in need of a new black coat, a warm jumper and maybe like one more pair of pants..we’ll see.. My Mum said she wants us to do a little shopping together soon (which I love because we’re both really honest with each other, what’s fitting and what’s just not..), so there’s a chance I’ll find these things :)

Hope you had a nice weekend! My Mum came over today to cook and spend a little time together, which was awesome <3
See you tomorrow!
xoxo Sandra

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