Blog-tember #11 – TGIF!

Yes, thank God it’s Friday!! So today’s prompt is perfectly fitting: It’s a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

I guess the prompt is about a usual Friday night, but I’ll give it a twist and describe a usual one (because I seldom go out on Fridays), as well as today’s!! ;)

So usually on Fridays I leave work early, like 2pm, and go shopping for the weekend’s groceries. When I come home, I put away everything and probably spend some time online, reading blogs or watching YouTube.

When my hubby calls and tells me he’s gonna be home soon, I start to cook. Weekends, including Fridays, are for “fancy” cooking in my house. Meaning: preparing and cooking most often takes me an hour or more. My hubby and I usually have dinner together and hang out on the couch a bit after that.

Friday nights - by nachtschwinge

When the real evening part starts, there are mostly three options:

-either I spend the night cuddled up on the couch with my hubs, watching some movie (and yes, that’s “The Naked Truth” – love this movie!!!)

– or I get in the bathtub and read until the water is icecold *lol*

– or I’m getting creative scrapping the evening away!

TODAY though is a whole different story… it’s beginner’s week at the university I work at, which means I have to teach a lot of groups how to use our systems. Now on Friday, when I usually leave around 2pm, there are groups to be taught in the afternoon (early evening), too.. Result: I just came home around 6:30pm, hoarse and tired as fuck.

I didn’t go shopping for groceries and there won’t be any fancy dinner today. Hubs is going to get some takeaway food (hopefully!!!) and I’ll probably spend the evening on the couch trying to keep my eyes open during the main movie..whereas I should be scrapping with the super awesome October kit of the Scrapbook Werkstatt. But I think, I’m just too worn out today.

So what about you? Any Friday routine?
xoxo Sandra

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