Blog-tember #13 and #14 – life moodboard and books!

So I couldn’t make it yesterday ;) We went to a family lunch yesterday and stayed there until late, so here I am with two prompts on this Monday!

Prompt #13: Create a collage or inspiration/mood board for this season in your life.

Life mood board - by nachtschwinge

Kind of a fun mix, isn’t it?  ;)

We have a photo studio, because I’m constantly thinking about photography (not doing it unfortunately) and hoping to finish my studio soon!

Then there’s a picture of the Harry Potter Studio Tour, because I’m always planning on where to go next and it also stands for living my nerdy side ;)

Scrapbooking has to be in this board, too, because my desk is usually a mess because of it :)

Next is a picture of a nursery, since I’m thinking a lot about getting pregnant and styling the spare room.

And because there’s no baby in sight yet, I’m spoiling our cats! So they needed to be here, too! <3

Lastly, there’s the “I can’t people today.” quote. It stands for trying to find myself. I recently heard about the 16 personality types, found out which I am and reading about it was an eye opener for me. I always felt so different and strange and now I start to know why. That’s just great! More on this topic in a later post maybe ;)


Prompt #14: The 5 books that have impacted your life the most.

You probably know by now that I’m a huge bookworm! I can’t remember a time when I didn’t like to read and I’d love to know how many books I’ve read in my life til now ;)

Anyway, there are some books/stories/plays that are special to me, some that I hold dear to my heart, here come 5 of them:

Books that changed my life - by nachtschwinge

Sigh. Only looking at these brings back so many memories :) Love’em!

1. The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

I had a German version of these, of course. Or better German versions, because I read everything I could my hands on about Robin Hood! He’s been my childhood hero, I wanted to be Maid Marian and live in the woods *lol* Loved the Disney movie as a child, kind of liked the Kevin Costner one, found “Men in Tights” hilarious and fell deep in love again with the latest movie starring Russell Crowe! <3 To me Robin Hood as always been about freedom, fairness, equality, love and friendship. Forever in my heart :)

2. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

I fell in love with theatre and Shakespeare in Highschool (well, we in our system it’s the ‘Gymnasium’), when one of my favourite teachers (my Latin and Old Greek teacher Prof. Fassler) asked us if we wanted to join the drama group of our school. Soon I putting all my heart and spare time into it, which ultimately resulted in me playing the ‘Beatrice’ in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. Shakespeare’s way of writing a witty conversation just drew me in and I loved every minute on stage :) To this day, everytime I watch a play or musical, I have an inner urge to go up on stage and play again. Which is so funny, because I’m a rather introverted person really! Anyway, so ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is totally my fave (also love the movie adaption with Denzel Washington, Emma Thompson and Keanu Reeves!), but I love them all! Can’t wait to read all of them in the original version, since I found it at the fleamarket last Saturday <3

3. The Harry Potter series

Yes, I can’t deny that I just love these books! Definitely one of my fandoms *lol* Read them in the English original while studying in Vienna (I was rather late to the party). They made commuting much more interesting ;) Don’t really know what I like most about these, probably the well written characters, the moral of the stories and how the obviously weak ones turn out to be history changing. :) Always wan intrigued by magic when I was younger, dabbling in witchcraft a bit (still would say I’m mostly pagan) and also loving stories of magical creatures.

4. The stories of Sherlock Holmes

What can I say? Crime and detective stories are probably the most read genre in my life :) I’ve read everything from Miss Marple to ‘The Cat Who..’ to more modern books like the stories of ‘Berg’ and ‘Thal’ by Bela Bolten… Love me some suspense and guessing who the murderer was and what it’s all about! So Sherlock Holmes isn’t really a surprise.. I mean, it’s the most famous detective ever! But it’s not only about the books, it’s also about the movies (Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law!) and, of course, my beloved BBC TV show ‘Sherlock’ <3 It’s just so cool to compare the original stories to the show’s storylines and guess what they made of it! :)

5. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The very first Coelho book I read – I’ve read them all by now – and that I instantly felt deeply connected with. To me it’s a combination of a fairy tale and a true story, the story of the sherperd boy Santiago, who dreams about about a treasure far away and decides to pursue that dream. On his course he finds what he’s always been looking for in a different shape as expected.. I adore the writing, the poetry behind Coelho’s words and the morals of the story. There’s a deeper meaning behind all of his books and that’s a thing I cherish.

Wow, now that’s been a lot of information ;) Hope to find time to read about other’s life changing books, too!
xoxo Sandra


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