Blog-tember #16 – real vs. online

Still going strong with Blog-tember! :)

Today’s prompt (I’m going to do yesterday’s when I get home today, wasn’t able to take a pic yesterday) : The real you vs. the online you. Are they the same or different?


The answer to that is it’s both. I mean, I’m not lying online or pretending to be a person I am not, BUT the online personality is always, ALWAYS just part of the real person. Everytime we post online, we make a conscious decision what we’re showing and that shapes the person we seem to be for others.

Starting with Instagram as a simple example: I almost always take more than one picture before editing and posting (example above), choosing the best light/angle/face. Of course, I could show you my red, wrinkled morning face without makeup, but I probably won’t..

Same goes with moods. I’m selective on when and what to write. I try not to write on social media (or very little), when I’m in a bad mood. First because I don’t want to talk bad about others or put someone off, but also because I think nobody needs to always know if I’m sad or had a quarrel or something.. Also, I try to not give the bad feelings too much attention, so I kind of hold my tongue about those things and move on.

Lastly, for me it’s a bit different, simply because I’m an introvert in real life. Actually I’m an ambivert, extroverted with people I know and feel comfortable with, but introverted with people I don’t know or in situations I don’t have under control.. So writing and expressing myself visually is so much easier for me than for example doing a live video on Persicope! Persicope is awesome, but when I try to take a video it’s like my brain (and body) freezes, leaving me speechless and awkward… When I write a blogpost or post a picture on instagram, I can think about what I want to write in advance and can prepare myself, rewrite a paragraph, if I’m not pleased and so on.. I’m in control and that fits my personality so much better than improvising ;)

So while you get 100% me online, it’s also a different part you’re getting. Some people I’ve met in real life after knowing them online for a while, told me they thought I was way more outspoken and confident. Which I am not…I’m usually rather self-conscious and unsure when around new people, so yeah ;) But if I recognize you as a kindred soul, I also warm up pretty quick :)

That’s about it, I guess. What about you?
xoxo Sandra

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