Blog-tember #17 – obsessing :)

Today’s prompt: Just for fun, your latest obsession. What can you not get enough of these days?

By now it should be pretty clear that I’m obsessing over a lot of things: scrapbooking, photography, travelling, books, TV shows,… but one thing stands out lately…

Obsessing over my studio - by nachtschwinge

I’m obsessing over my future home studio…as you know, I’d love to be a real photographer someday and gather all the stuff I can find that could be useful for my photography.

So everytime I’m at a fleamarket or H&M changes the home goods, I look and think and most often buy new stuff…

Which is stupid because I don’t have any customers or friends who need pictures right now, but still…

I guess it’s also because I love to collect things (got that from my Mom and the obsessing thing from my Dad) and finding something cool for a good price is just awesome to me :)

So yeah, my studio still needs a lot of working on before it’s good to go, but it’s evolving at least ;)

What about you? Would love to her about your obsessions! :D
xoxo Sandra

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