Busy bee..

Yes, that’s me! :D I’ve got a lot going on at work right now…you bsee, I work at the university of applied sciences and next week is enrollment week, where I’ll be teaching the new students about our online platforms and so on… A lot to do and I really don’t like standing in front of so many foreign people, but well… that’s part of my job and it’s only twice a year ;) So while I’m preparing for speaking to 10 groups of students, I try to use my spare time to get some other things done…things for you! :)

Means, I did another set of Project Life cards! The topic this time is “bad day” because there aren’t a lot cards out there for those days, you know ;)

You can download the English version here.

And the German version is available for download here.

So hope you like them! Enjoy! :)
xoxo Sandra

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